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June 16, 2019

Titan Luca V: More Than Just Luck in Massage Technology

Titan Luca V: More Than Just Luck in Massage Technology

Buy 1 Titan Luca V Massage Chair, BlackWhat features make the perfect massaging chair? Is it a stylish exterior and an exceptional design? Or the expert delivery of a holistic massage? How about an attractive price point? You’re in luck because you can find all three of these (and more) in the Titan Luca V massage chair.

Got a few minutes to explore its list of cool and awesome features? Check them out right here:

L-track Massage

While other massage chairs have the usual S-track for its massage rollers, the Titan Luca V massage chair has an L-track. What’s the difference, you ask? With an L-track, the Titan Luca V can give you a more full-bodied massage experience. Imagine a massage roller system that starts working its way from your neck area and all the way down to your lower back. Now imagine the same replica of caring hands extending and gliding on your glutes and upper hamstrings. Pretty neat, right?

Air Massage

Fancy a full body massage delivered by airbags?
With the Titan Luca V’s air massage feature, you can enjoy the benefits of compression massage such as increased blood circulation and relief from body pain. Its multiple airbags are placed in the shoulder, arms, feet, and calf areas to ensure strategic access to your body’s common pain points.

Zero Gravity Capability.

Have you ever heard of Zero G?
This is a NASA inspired position that is now adopted by many massage chair models. Here, your massage chair reclines such that your legs are at an angle slightly above your heart. Because of this, you get a deeper and more intense massage in the Zero gravity position. And not only that, your spine benefits from the subsequent effect: relief from pressure brought about by decompression.

Various Massage Modes and Styles

Do you have a preferred massage mode or style?
If so, the Titan Luca V gladly offers you four auto massage modes that you can choose from. Simply press your desired option and enjoy a completely relaxing massage session. And if that’s not enough, you get to also choose the massage style that you get from this amazing massage chair. Choose from Knocking, Kneading, Knocking and Kneading, Tapping, and Shiatsu techniques and get that customized massage feel that you are craving for.

Lumbar Heating

Do you enjoy massage sessions combined with a totally-relaxing source of heat therapy?
Then the Titan Luca V’s lumbar heating pads are perfect for you. Get warm and soothing localized heat that helps loosen muscle tension while also inducing better blood circulation.

Advanced Foot Rollers

Got room for more fantastic features?
How about spinning reflexology rollers that are ready to give your feet some TLC and pampering. Located at the bottom of the Titan Luca V’s footrest are rollers that spin, knead, and stimulate various acupressure points. Combine this with its built-in airbags that hold your legs in place and you get an insane massage combo.

Extendable Footrest

Tired of massage chair models that just cannot accommodate your height?
Here’s some good news for you: the Titan Luca V also has an extendable footrest. Reaching all the way up to 7.3 inches, this massage chair can give you a better massage experience that is suited and optimized to your height.

Space Saving Technology

Now picture this:
If you bring home this massage chair, it won’t take up so much space in any room. Sounds good? Of course, it does! This is because the Titan Luca V has a space-saving feature, meaning it only needs four inches from the wall to get into recline position. This is made possible by its sliding movement, such that when the chair reclines, it also moves forward, taking up less space than usual.

Bluetooth Speakers

Are you a music lover?
Then you’ll also love the Titan Luca V’s built-in Bluetooth technology. This makes it possible to connect your device to the speakers of this massage chair so you can listen to your favorite tunes (and even take a phone call) while you enjoy each massage session.

Remote with Pocket

Now, for another thrilling add-on.

The Titan Luca V has a simple and easy to use LCD remote control combined with an intuitive menu system, so you can choose your favorite massage mode options without worrying about which button to press. It also has a built-in remote pocket at the side of the chair which makes it easy to slide in and find its slim LCD remote control.

Still having second thoughts? Here’s one last thing to ponder on:

See full details of Titan Luca V massage chair

For only $2999, you get to bring home a massage chair that offers you convenience and relaxation with its advanced roller track system, air massage, and zero gravity capability. And not only that, you also get to choose from different massage modes and styles and enjoy lumbar heating, and many other outstanding features.

So, if you’re feeling a little lucky, get the Titan Luca V massage chair model and enjoy the favorable odds of a relaxing home massage today.

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