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February 27, 2019

Luraco Sofy Massage Chair: The Home Furniture You Didn’t Know You Need

Luraco Sofy Massage Chair: The Home Furniture You Didn’t Know You Need

Buy 1 Luraco Sofy Massage Chair, BlackA lot of people looking into leveling up their home entertainment experience are creating their own home theater. Naturally, they spend a lot of time finding the best entertainment system but what some don't realize is that choosing the best furniture for their home theater is important as well. After all, you need to be able to relax to enjoy the show, right? For this, all you need is the Luraco Sofy massage chair.

The Luraco Sofy is manufactured by Luraco Technologies, a private engineering firm in Arlington, Texas known to be a global leader in robotic massage chair design and innovation. They combine superior technologies with high-tech expertise in order to create advanced products with unsurpassed quality and performance for both their military and commercial clients.

But why would you need a massage chair for your home theater anyway? Wouldn't a regular chair suffice? Well, it probably would but it wouldn't be able to give you the wellness benefits that the Luraco Sofy has to offer. Here are some of its outstanding features.

Home and Theater Use

The Luraco Sofy can be used in any room in your house. However, it was specifically designed for use in either commercial or home theater rooms. You can either have one for a small apartment or place multiple ones for more spacious home theaters.

It works both as a recliner and a massager too. Plus, it has a cup holder on the armrest of the chair which allows you to sit back and relax with a drink while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. The touch screen remote control built in on the right armrest makes it even easier for you to access all the chair's massage functions without interrupting your theater experience. In case you want to use it for a vending massage chair business though, you can even have a bill or credit card acceptor added as well.

Proprietary Intelligent Robotic Massage Techniques

If you're looking for a fantastic massage experience, the Luraco Sofy’s heavy duty, intelligent robotic mechanism can help give you that. Luraco is known for designing the best robotic massage systems that take people's expectations and wellness to the next level. It's no wonder then why Luraco has been dubbed as the World's #1 medical massage chair.

Calf Rollers

Calf massage provides your body with many benefits including relieving you of muscle tightness, tension, and pain as well as helping improve recovery. The Luraco Sofy has soothing calf rollers positioned in the footrest of the massage chair that provides you just that.

Automatic Massage Modes

You can choose between 2 automatic massage modes - Soft or Shiatsu. The Soft mode provides a gentle massage that is good for relieving headaches and muscle strains and improving sleep. The Shiatsu mode, on the other hand, relieves severe muscle tension and blockages as well as rejuvenates your body through the use of high intensity and point-based massage with varied and rhythmic pressures.

Manual Massage Modes

The chair also has a choice of three manual massage modes. The Manual mode allows you to choose either kneading, tapping or calve massage. Spot mode provides a focused massage on the back while the Neck massage mode targets the superior and middle fibers of the trapezius muscles where most stress builds up.

Shoulder Detection

When it comes to massage chairs, it is essential to have one that adjusts to the shape of each user. The Luraco Sofy is able to do that because it has an accurate shoulder detection feature that measures the location of your shoulders when you sit and adjusts the neck and shoulder massagers to where you need it to be.

Adjustable Intensity

Sometimes our massage needs vary from day to day. With the Luraco Sofy, you can adjust the intensity of your massage and choose how soft or hard you want it to be.

Recliner and Footrest Angle Adjustment

The Luraco Sofy gives you the ability to adjust the recliner and footrest to your most comfortable position. It has a recline angle of 120 - 170 degrees and a leg rest adjustment angle of 0 - 80 degrees.

Made in the USA

Luraco Technologies is the manufacturer of the first and only American made massage chairs in the industry. The research and development, electronic hardware, software and final assembly of the Luraco Sofy are all done in the USA with structural hardware and leather from Taiwan. It is FDA registered and CE and UL listed.

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With the Luraco Sofy, you will be able to maximize your home entertainment experience. It will not only be entertaining but comfortable, relaxing, and healthy too. It is available in either Black or Chocolate Brown for only $3,490, including a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Call us at 1-888-612-8862 to order. Your home theater needs it.

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