Luraco i9 Versus Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair | What's The Difference?

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The Luraco i9 has just been phased out and its successor, the new Luraco i9 Max massage chair, is taking up where its predecessor left off. The i9 Max retains all the best points of the original i9 and made some of them even better. How? Read on to find out.



Improved Neck and Shoulder Massage and Comfort

The Luraco i9 was known for its excellent neck and shoulder massages because its highly adjustable massagers can fit you perfectly regardless of your height or size. However, to make it even more effective and comfortable, the new i9 Max now combines these massagers with air compression massages, giving you next-level neck and shoulder comfort and relief. 



New Patented Powered Easy-Entry Armrests

Luraco i9 Max Powered Easy-Entry Armrests


The Luraco i9 was also very popular with its easy-entry armrests – swinging armrests that can be moved out of the way to provide users a better and more convenient option of getting in & out of the chair. The i9 Max recognizes the benefits of this feature and further improves on this by adding powered actuators to move those armrests aside. Now, you don’t have to worry about manually moving the armrests because the i9 Max moves them for you to give you better access to the chair.


Hand Stretching Through Powered Armrest Actuator - The First and Only in the industry

Luraco i9 Max Hand Stretching


The i9 has arm rollers and airbags that provide excellent arm massages. However, the new i9 Max adds a whole new level to the massage experience by introducing arm and hand stretching. Now equipped with powered actuators in the armrest, the i9 Max applies a slight pull on the user’s hands and arms while its rollers and airbags gently apply some kneading and rhythmic compressions. With the i9 Max, your arms will be pampered like never before.


Adjustable Armrest Position for better fitting and Spot-On Hand & Arm Massages - Another First and Only in the industry

Luraco i9 Max Hand and Arm Massage


The Luraco i9 Max continues its improved focus on the user’s arms by allowing armrest position adjustments as well as roller adjustments to make sure your arms and hands receive adequate pressure and attention. The 4 sections of the arm rollers ensure that your hands and arms are thoroughly kneaded regardless of your arm size or position. Maximum adjustability ensures that you will always find the best position to get the maximum benefits from each and every massage session.


Improved Calf Rollers

Luraco i9 Max Improved Foot Rollers


Calf rollers of the i9 were well-praised for their extensive kneading and adequate coverage of the legs and calf muscles. However, the designers of the i9 Max were set on improving these as well. So, to make this happen, the calf rollers are now working in tandem with rhythmic air bag compressions to enhance the pressure delivered by the rollers on the calf muscles. The Luraco i9 Max’s new calf massage is essentially a combination of the action of the i9’s calf rollers and the new powerful air compressions that enhance the rollers’ effects.


New USB port for phone charging

Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair USB Port Charging


The original Luraco i9, although excellent in giving massages, was still a bit lacking in certain technological innovations. For example, it did not have a port for charging phones and other mobile devices. The i9 Max remedies this problem by including a USB port in the armrest. Now, with the new iteration, both you and your mobile device can get recharged at the same time.


New Unlimited Over-the-Air (OTA) WiFi Software Updates


Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair Wifi Software Update

One of the biggest improvements of the i9 Max massage chai over the original i9 is probably its ability to receive software updates, ensuring that your chair is always running on the latest software and improving from bug fixes. The i9 Max even allows you to receive unlimited over-the-air WiFi updates to make updating that much more convenient. How’s that for improvement?


Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair Butterfly Technology


Some of the other excellent features of the original i9 were retained by the new i9 Max without any changes, simply because these still remain to be some of the best in the industry. Features such as the automotive leather; smart touch-screen controls; the 3D butterfly technology of the rollers; triple foot rollers; Zero-gravity tech; heat therapy for the feet, lower back, and hands; and even voice controls can only be found in most high-end models in the market. And even then, not all these other chairs have passed the rigorous US standards, unlike the new i9 Max.


See full details of the Luraco i9 Max Massage Chair


To cap it off, Luraco and the designers of the all-new i9 Max believe in the quality of their new model so much, that their new chair comes with a standard 10-year warranty. So, what else are you waiting for? If you loved the Luraco i9, you will surely fall head over heels with the new Luraco i9 Max massage chair. Call us now and be one of the first to experience this massage therapy marvel.


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