Give In To The Charm Of The Ador 3D Allure Massage Chair

Give In To The Charm Of The Ador 3D Allure Massage Chair

Have you ever experienced massage therapy in a relaxing massage chair? If you answered yes, then you might probably be familiar with the natural health benefits that massage therapy can do for you. You’ve probably experienced better sleep, improved blood circulation, and an overall feeling of total relaxation. Now, what if you’re given a chance to buy and bring home a massage chair for sale that can work wonders for your health? Will you take it?




If you’re still making up your mind, this new massage chair feature will most likely convince you. Excited to read more about the Ador 3D Allure massage chair? Let’s find out what’s in store for you:


Intelligent voice control and computer body scan system

Does it sound like the Ador 3D Allure massage chair is a pretty advanced massaging chair? That’s because it is. So what exactly does it do? It allows you to manage the massage modes without having to lift a finger. And how’s that possible, you ask? It’s all thanks to intelligent voice recognition.


In the Ador 3D Allure massage chair, a small microphone is placed on the armrest area. This microphone, in turn, can recognize 15 different spoken phrases and transform them into voice commands. So, the next time you hop in on this massage chair, you need not reach for the remote control to change the massage mode.


ador allure massage chair voice control


Now, what about the computer body scan system? This one maps out your entire neck and back areas at the start of each massage session. The body scanning process allows the Ador Allure massage chair to determine just how much massage pressure should be applied for optimal results. It also recalibrates after each scan and adjusts accordingly, based on your detected shoulder height. This mechanism aids in positioning the massage rollers for a more precise and accurate massage.


Next up:

Adjustable and advanced 3D massage in an ergonomic SL-track

2D is a thing of the past, right? That’s why massage chair models of today are now equipped with 3D massage rollers. They bring more than just the up/down and left/right movements that typical 2D rollers can do. Advanced how, exactly? With 3D technology in place, these massage rollers add a third dimension (intensity) as they go in and out of the massage roller track.


Ador Allure 3D SL track massage chair


Speaking of tracks, what is an SL-track? Unlike other massage chair models that choose between an S- or an L-track, the Ador 3D Allure massage chair combines the two. This means that its ergonomic massage roller track follows the natural S-curve of your spine while also having extended massage coverage.


Don’t you just love it when your preferences are taken into consideration? Lucky for you, that’s exactly what the manufacturers of this Ador 3D massage chair had in mind when it was conceptualized. So how can you get a customized massage session in this massage chair? With its massage rollers alone, you can adjust the roller range, width, and depth. You can even adjust the massage speed as well as the massage intensity.


Here’s another one to watch out for:

Various massage modes and programs available

ador allure massage programs and modes


Looking for a massage chair that can deliver full body air massage? How about one that has Zero-G capability? Well, you’re in luck because the Ador Allure massage chair has both features. Can you guess how many airbags this model has? It has 32 stream-lined airbags that are strategically located throughout the unit. Crafted to be fully-capable of full-body air compression massage, these airbags have also been designed to be efficient and more reliable in the long run.


As for Zero-G? The Ador Allure massaging chair has 3 levels of Zero-Gravity recline position for you to choose from. Here, your knees and legs are reclined at an angle slightly higher than your heart. Why go for Zero-Gravity? Because not only does this NASA-inspired recline position bring a deeper and more intense massage, it also provides health benefits such as relieving pressure from the spine, among others.


ador allure zero gravity massage chair


Still, looking for more? Don’t worry because you have more options to choose from. With 21 automatic massage programs that make use of a combination of its 6 manual massage styles (ie kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, shiatsu, shoulder lifting, or 3D), you’re bound to find the perfect massage combination.


And to complete the best chair massage experience?

Lumbar heating, Bluetooth speakers, plus a wireless charging dock

Got some sore and stiff muscles on your back? Relieve and loosen them up with the help of the Ador 3D Allure’s lumbar heating pad.

Got a specific massage session playlist in mind? Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and turn up the volume as you listen to your favorite tunes.

And if your phone’s battery goes low? You’ll be fine. Just place your device on the wireless charging pad on top of the armrest and you’re good to go.


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Amazing, right? So, what’s your verdict? If the Ador 3D Allure has worked its charm on you, you know what to do. Send us a contact us now and we’ll quickly process that order for you.



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