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July 14, 2019

Palace II: The Best Massage Chair You Never Knew You Needed

Palace II: The Best Massage Chair You Never Knew You Needed

Imagine coming home after a seemingly endless hard day of work. Your back aches, your shoulders are hurting, and your feet are burning from all the standing and walking that you did. You feel like a mess of achy joints and stiff muscles. Does this sound familiar? The feeling definitely isn’t great.

Buy 1 Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Chair,

Certainly, at the back of your mind, there is something you’re wishing for. A pamper session, a shiatsu massage, or a shoulder massage would be perfect, right? Let’s face it, do you have spare time to make a visit to the spa? Almost everyone doesn’t and you probably don’t, too.Here’s the perfect solution.

For your best home massage experience, you deserve to have the Palace II massage chair by Bodyfriend, Inc. Yes, you read that right. Why go out when you can get the ultimate massaging chair at the comfort of your own home? This extraordinary massage chair for sale can rival spa sessions and you don’t have to leave the house!

Want to know more? Keep reading for details.

Palace II is Produced By An Industry Expert

Bodyfriend, Inc. is not new in the business of manufacturing technologically advanced health and wellness solutions. They started their operations in 2007 in South Korea, where it currently has 127 stores, with the business still continuing the expansion until today.

Did You Know They Are Remarkable Innovators?

Bodyfriend, Inc. has established a highly esteemed and world-renowned research and development center. Brands like Marvel and Lamborghini collaborate with them because of their cutting-edge ideas. And that’s not all. The team is comprised of a unique selection of doctors and medical specialists that work hand in hand with impressive engineering and design professionals, so the final products always meet the holistic needs of the consumers.

Now, let's dig a little deeper. What makes The Palace II worth buying?

Truly Make It Your Own with Customizable Features

Don't you hate it when things come in a "one style fits all" method? You don't need to suffer in silence with your Palace II. It comes with the XD Massage System that allows the massage balls to be controlled in four directions: up, down, front, and back, and you can customize the strength and position in five levels to get that extended massage pressure throughout your body’s contours.

Is that all? Definitely not. The Palace II comes with auto body scanning. It effectively works through sensors that can accurately detect your shoulder location for a seemingly human touch massage chair experience.

Eager to know more? The BodyFriend Palace 2 can also be set to massage your body in either S Frame, L Frame, or both. The first one focuses on giving the treatment from your head all the way down to your waist, while the second type focuses from your waist down to your buttocks. Whatever your target areas are, the Palace II can treat it for you.

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Question: When was the last time you pampered your feet?

Your feet and legs are one of the most overworked parts of your body. Remember that your lower limbs need rest and relaxation, too. The good news is the Palace 2 can be the best foot massager of your life. It is equipped with specialized leg and foot massages, namely:

  • Calf Roller, to reduce calf swelling
  • Calf - Feet Airbags, to knead both sides of your feet
  • Sole Roller, to target the main points in your sole through acupressure.
  • 3-Step Feet Rollers, to massage your feet with 18 magnets

What else?

The Palace II is equipped with adjustable heating up to 140°F for that warm tension-releasing back massage. You can also enjoy a full body airbag for that relief you’ve been seeking. This BodyFriend massage chair can really compete and go against the other brands in the market: whether it’s a Panasonic massage chair or an Osaki massage chair.

Are you a music lover?

For a better relaxing ambiance, the Palace II is also geared with a premium stereo speaker and a Bluetooth connection, so you can set the mood with your music preferences. You can even have your smartphone charged while you relax with the Palace II’s built-in USB port. But that's not all, the next one will get you...

The ultimate game changer: Brain Massage!

BodyFriend Brain Massage 2

Only found in Bodyfriend, Inc.’s group of massage offerings is the brain massage. In this patented technology, the Bodyfriend Research and Development team introduced a unique massage technique that gives your brain time to rest.

Are you aware that even when you're sleeping, the brain is still 60 to 80% active because we have a Default Mode Network? Beat mental fatigue with a real relax massage chair that offers a combination of binaural beats, healing music, and other technologies to make its special brain massage. Use the Palace II, not just as a shiatsu massage chair, but also to give your mind a break.

Are you loving it so far, but you’re thinking about space?

The Palace II is equipped with Zero Gravity and Zero Wall to maximize the massage effects while still utilizing the space with a brilliant reclining mode design. Zero Gravity allows you up to 170° realignment and you actually will need only 4 inches of reclining space.

See full details of BodyFriend Palace II massage chair

Amazing features, right? It truly is an infinity massage chair with the endless options you can get. And, there’s more. With your Palace II’s smart remote control, you can change your preferred settings at the touch of a button.

Are you up for an exceptional life-changing experience? Grab your phone and place an order for the Palace II, one of the best massage chairs in the market, now.

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