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January 5, 2019

Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain Massage Chair: Brain Massage and So Much More

Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain Massage Chair: Brain Massage and So Much More

Buy 1 Bodyfriend Rex-L Plus Massage Chair (White) w/ FREE Indoor Setup & AssemblyThese days, the capacity to mimic human touch therapy in the form of advanced technology can be easily seen in various massage chair models. Each massage chair unit nowadays caters to almost every user there is. There are the basic chair models if you are looking for budget-friendly units. On the other hand, mid-range ones exist if you want to strike a balance between price and feature. And then there are your top-of-the-line models that showcase the latest in massage chair technology.

In the case of the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain (aka Rex-L Plus), this massage chair gives you several outstanding characteristics all rolled into one package. From an elegant exterior to its superior performance, here are some things you might be interested in when it comes to this massage chair model:

Cerebral appeal

Hailing from its maker’s patented technology, the Rex-L Brain massage chair gives you a new and fascinating massage chair feature. This latest massage chair technology makes use of binaural beat frequencies to bring you to your desired state of mind. Through deep relaxation induced by healing binaural music, the Rex-L Brain can drive you to a heightened level of concentration in every massage session.

If, on the other hand, you want to rid your mind of stress, worry, or anxiety, you can also count of the Rex-L Brain to help you achieve an improved and calmer state of mind. So, whether you want to be more alert, or you prefer to wind down and relax, this massage chair can help fine-tune your brainwaves with its one of a kind brain massage technology.

Cool craftsmanship

Boasting of a stylish design and tech-savvy interface, the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain wraps you in a sports car-inspired body theme and make. It even comes with quilted interior sheets that can easily be replaced via its zipper upholstery. This massage chair also has a set of Bluetooth-capable speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music during your massage session. A USB port has also been added to accommodate mobile device charging. And to better enhance the user experience, Bodyfriend has also placed a touch switch on the unit’s armrest for greater accessibility.

Finally, the Rex-L Brain has a relatively smaller footprint for a massage chair that has so many features. It can recline fully while only taking up as much as 6 inches of wall space to do so. This is because it has the so-called zero-wall technology that allows the massage chair to slide 12-inches forward, so it will occupy less space at the back.

Complete massage

Starting with a sensor-powered body scan, the Rex-L Brain detects each user’s body built, so it can adjust accordingly. As these sensors map out your body frame, the massage chair adjusts to find your shoulders and position the massage rollers there for optimal performance. Similarly, this massage chair also has footrest extendibility. For taller users, you only have to put pressure on the unit’s footrest and it can subsequently adjust for up to 8inches in length.

Furthermore, the Rex-L Brain can give you a full-body massage that is extensive, deeper, and way more comprehensive as compared to other models. For one, it has an extended SL track that can pass your body’s curves and grooves, while traversing the stretch from your neck until your glutes and hamstrings.

There are 5 massage modes to choose from in the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain. Massage rollers move in and out your body’s curves when you choose the KNEADING style. In addition, your upper and lower back can be the primary focus of its CHOPPING motion. If on the ACUPRESSURE mode, however, the rollers press deep into your back as they roll down from your shoulders. While TAPPING imitates your massage therapist’s knocking motions. COMBINATION is the fifth massage mode which features a massage technique where kneading is coupled with tapping motions. All these techniques can be conveniently felt from among the 14 auto massage modes of the Rex-L Brain.

Both airbag and acupressure technology also aid the Rex-L as it delivers a satisfying full body massage into your home. Picture airbags in the head cushion moving in a gentle kneading fashion to give you a much-needed and refreshing head massage. The same airbag compression massage can also be felt on your shoulders as you sit on the Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain massage chair.

The arms and hand also receive a specially-designed massage. Enhanced blood circulation is made possible by 36 acupressure balls aimed at your major acupoints. And swaying side airbags massage your waist, hips, and glutes. The same powerful air massage can relieve your calves of pain and tension. While your feet get pampered by both air massage and 3-step rollers.

Lastly, the Rex-L Brain massage chair can also recline and perform a massage while in the Zero-Gravity angle. Here, you can receive a deeper body massage while your spine gets relieved of your bodyweight.

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