Upgrade Your Massage with The New Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair



If you love the experience of an Osaki chair massage, you would have undoubtedly come across their most popular massage chair - the OS-Pro Maestro. However, Osaki has released a new revolutionized and upgraded version of their 4D massage chair that is sure to level up your chair massage experience. It's called the Osaki Paragon.


What makes it stand out?

First of all, it comes from one of the world's leading distributors of electric massage chairs whose priority is to help people relax their bodies and enjoy a more active lifestyle. Second, it was made with top notch features similar to the OS-Pro Maestro.



How is Osaki Paragon similar to Maestro?


The following features found in the Maestro are the same ones you’ll find in the Paragon:


* 4D Massage - Just like the Maestro, the Paragon has a 4D massage mechanism that can massage deeper, wider, and more rhythmically because it has 4 different levels of adjustments available.


That's not all though. You can adjust the speed of the massage too up to 5 different levels. These adjustment capabilities combined with massage functions such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, and quick rubbing makes you feel like you’re having a real healing hands massage.


* L-Track with Heated Back Rollers - Its L-track system can already massage 50% more than the average S-track massage chairs. However, this one is special because of its back-heating system. It heats up its rollers giving you a feeling of hot stones warming your muscles from your neck down to your hamstrings.


Heating therapy can relieve pain and promote blood circulation on your neck, shoulders, waist, and buttocks. Now that’s what you call a truly luxurious massage!


* Body Scan Technology - Don't you just hate it when a massage chair can't seem to hit the right areas of your body and even more when the pressure is just not right? You won't have that problem with the Paragon chair massage because its body scanning technology will detect the height of your shoulder and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that optimal pressure is applied to the key areas of your neck and back.


* Automatic Leg Extension and Covered Footrest - As if the body scanner is not enough, Osaki added a leg scanner too. The chair will adjust the leg component to either extend or retract according to your height. Not enough for you? What about foot warmers then? The Paragon's footrest is covered over the toes to provide a foot warming sensation that helps improve blood circulation.


* Foot and Calf Kneading - Not only are there spinning rollers for your feet, there are also air massagers that initiate a calf kneading massage to increase blood flow on your legs. Plus, components have been added to massage and stretch the heel and bridge of your feet.


* Zero Gravity - This position can effectively relieve pressure on your spine and joints and puts you in the most ideal position for physical and mental relaxation. All you need to do is touch one key.


* Bluetooth Speaker - The Paragon's Bluetooth technology not only allows you to connect your gadgets to the chair wirelessly but also lets you integrate the music into the massage through synchronic massage therapy. Isn't that so cool?


* Paragon App - The Paragon is so easy to operate. You can even do so through the Paragon app available on both the App Store and Google Play.


What makes the Osaki Paragon so special?


The Paragon is said to be an upgraded version because of the following special features:


* Voice Recording - The chair has an intelligent voice activation technology that allows you to record commands or 9 different phrases that it can follow. How's that for hands-free technology?


* Space Saving - Limited home space? No problem. Its micro space forward sliding function can put the chair close to the wall.


* Heating on Foot Roller - Foot rollers on massage chairs are great but heated foot rollers are even better! With the Osaki Paragon massaging chair, your feet do not only experience a soothing kneading massage but also heating therapy too for better relaxation.


* Customized Heating Features - There can’t possibly be any way to further improve this chair’s heating features, right? Wrong. The Paragon specifically has an even more upgraded TEMP+ / TEMP- feature that can adjust the heating temperature of its rollers giving you better control over your chair massage.


* LED Remote and Remote Pocket - If you prefer to use a handheld remote control, the Paragon still has that. It has a full-color LCD screen that can display massage positions, techniques, and status in real time. Plus, you can even create your own custom massage program.


If you love Osaki massage chairs, you can’t go wrong with the Paragon as an upgrade or your first home massage chair because of all its useful and unique features. Reach out to us if you ever need any guidance and want a FREE CONSULTATION using the contact details below.



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