Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair: Stirring Up The Premium Market

Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair: Stirring Up The Premium Market

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The competition for premium massage chairs just got even more aggressive with the arrival of the Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair. This exceptional chair is stirring up the market with its unique combination of advanced features that promises to deliver superior massages, unrivaled versatility, and modern technological comforts that enhance convenience. Read on to find out more.


It delivers superior massages

Through its ingenious mechanical and architectural design, the Kyota Kaizen M680 takes the current premium massages to the next level. While most premium massage chairs in the market today use a quad-roller, the Kyota Kaizen utilizes a 6-node 3D back mechanism that allows it to give the broadest back coverage of all massage chairs to date.

At the same time, the 6 nodes can also be adjusted in a variety of ways to accommodate the user’s desires. Wider, deeper, faster massages – whatever you need, the Kaizen M680’s rollers have got you covered.


The Kyota Kaizen M680 massage chair is also designed with several rollers aside from the spinal mechanism. There are three unique and specially constructed rollers located in the arms, calves, and feet region of the chair. The distinct shape of these rollers is intended to replicate the thumb and finger techniques often seen in reflexology massages, so you get a next-level, spa-like massage treatment.




In addition to this, the Kyota Kaizen also has airbags that can deliver air massages to different parts of the body - your arms and hands; waist and hips; and even your legs and feet. Users can enjoy these air massages solo or in tandem with the different rollers for an even more effective and enjoyable massage experience.


If that’s not enough, the Kaizen M680 comes with heating pads to warm and loosen your muscles in the back, hands, and feet. The heating therapy, combined with the air compressions, as well as the action of the uniquely shaped rollers effectively relax tired and knotted muscles to give you a soothing and rejuvenating massage, unlike anything you’ve ever had.


Kyota Kaizen Heat Therapy Massage Chair


If you still want more, the Kyota Kaizen can provide you with an out-of-this-world massage experience using its Weightless Zero Gravity Recline feature. Engineered to tilt all the way back to a position that induces a feeling of weightlessness, the chair relieves spinal pressure and improves blood circulation, while allowing the user easy access to functions through armrest control buttons.


It offers unrivaled versatility

The designers of the Kyota M680 understand that the best massage for users varies significantly from individual to individual, especially because of factors like age, natural build, level of physical fitness, as well as lifestyle. To deliver the perfect massage, the Kaizen massage chair accounts for these differences by allowing users to customize a lot of specific details in each massage.


Kyota Kaizen M680 L-track massage chair


First, the Kyota Kaizen M680  begins by performing a smart scan to determine the user’s shoulder height and a few more key information. Using this TrueFit™ Body Scanning Technology, the chair then plots a course for the spinal rollers to follow, allowing the rollers to get into the best position for delivering the optimum pressure (for any user).

However, if this is still not enough for you, the Kaizen M680 provides users the freedom to adjust any of the settings to their liking. Whether it be the distance between rollers, the speed of the massage, or the intensity of the massage, you will be able to have what you’re looking for with a touch of the remote.


Kyota Kaizen Massage Chair Auto Programs


Now, in case you don’t want to tinker with the settings, the Kyota Kaizen M680 offers you 10 auto programs straight out of the box. Users can immediately choose from any of the 10 auto programs to start enjoying the Kyota Kaizen™ M680 if they don’t want to take up time adjusting all the settings.


It is equipped with modern technological features that enhance both convenience and the overall massage experience.

For starters, the Kyota Kaizen comes with Bluetooth speakers positioned around the head area. This allows users to connect their mobile devices and listen to music, news, or podcasts while enjoying a massage. This way, you can get more things done at the same time. Then, unlike other massage chairs that have footrest extensions where the user has to stretch the legs out to push on the footrest, the Kaizen has a mechanized footrest that extends or retracts without the need to exert effort on the legs. Just simply sit, push a button, and enjoy.


See full details of Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair


Also, for those having some difficulty looking at small remote displays, the Kyota Kaizen M680 makes it simpler and more convenient for you with its remote display color menu-driven. It’s now been made more intuitive and user-friendlier.


Overall, the Kyota Kaizen M680 massage chair delivers superior massages and is packed with a ton of almost unmatched premium features, making it such a steal in the premium market category. It's definitely worth considering because of the features it comes with and the overall value it offers which is uncommon to other brands.



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