Experience Living A Better Life With The Otamic 4D Sedona LT Massage Chair

Experience Living A Better Life With The Otamic 4D Sedona LT Massage Chair

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"I need rest!" - Does this longing sound familiar? Many of us go through a day's work and truly deserve some rest and relaxation. You know you need it. Your body yearns for a great massage experience! What if you could have it in the comforts of your own home?


The Otamic 4D Sedona massage chair is your key to enter the world relaxation without having to leave your safe zone. Let's dig a little deeper into this special massage chair and find out why it's perfect for you.



4D Technology

otamic sedona 4d massage rollers

One of the pivotal features of the Sedona LT is its advanced 4D Technology. Imagine what it would be like to have quad rollers going up and down, thrusting in and out of your exhausted back. Fantastic, right? The quad rollers alone allow for a larger range of motions. But it gets even better with 4D! The rollers vary in speed presenting you with different levels of deep tissue adjustability.


SL Track

sl track of otamic 4d sedona

In Sedona LT, you will fully enjoy the benefits of both S-track and L-track massage chairs. With its massive length of 52", you're in for a treat. It outlines the curves of your spine, and it traces your muscles on the neck up to the back of your thighs.



heat therapy of otamic 4d sedona massage chair

The heat technology that comes with Sedona LT is located in the lumbar area. The part of the body that holds our posture together carries a lot of weight. The good news is, this massage chair comes with 3 Degrees of Back Heating which is precisely what you need to loosen those tensed muscles.


Foot and Calf Kneading

foot and calf kneading of otamic sedona

It's not only your back that needs that relaxation. Aren't your legs and feet tired too? The Otamic Sedona has specialized foot and calf rollers to bring your massage experience to a whole new level. It has three underfoot rollers for better coverage. And unlike the usual calf rollers, it gives an astonishing circular motion for your leg muscles.


Shoulder & Footrest Adjustment

otamic sedona shoulder and footrest adjustment

Sedona LT is powered by an intelligent body scan system. Yes, it scans your body size once you set it in motion. The catch? It recalibrates for your comfort! It detects your shoulder height and adjusts its airbags to give you that sought-after massage. You don't have to worry if your legs would fit or not. The Sedona 4D massage chair has automatic footrest adjustment with a 6'7" extension to accommodate long legs.


2-Stage Zero Gravity

otamic sedona 4d zero gravity massage chair

Our body, in its most relaxed state, could maximize the benefits of a great massage. With this positioning of your body, picture the pressure being relieved from your spine and joints while experiencing the much-needed kneads and taps. What's more? You can control how far it reclines through the handy remote control.


5 Levels of Strength

otamic sedona 5 levels of strength

The Otamic 4D Sedona has five different levels of strength – all within your control. It focuses on the following:

  • shoulders
  • arms
  • waist
  • pelvis
  • calf

We're not through yet! For Sedona 4D, a good massage experience is never enough. It needs to be the best. Check this out:


12 Unique Auto Programs

otamic sedona 4d 12 massage programs

Worry no more if it's you've got no time to customize your intensities and areas of focus. This awesome massage chair has 12 unique programs that you can choose from:

  • chair yoga
  • gentle yoga
  • power yoga
  • royal treatment
  • stress relief
  • gentle care
  • neck and shoulder
  • back and spine
  • waist and hip
  • morning buzz
  • refreshing nap
  • sweet dreams

That's a lot of options!


6 Manual Massage Styles

manual massage styles of otamic sedona

Though it comes with preset programs, you can still choose your preferred massage style. Is it more kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, or 4D shiatsu for you? The Otamic Sedona has got your back (literally and figuratively)!


Bluetooth Speaker

otamic sedona bluetooth speaker

To complete your relaxation experience, you have the liberty to stream your favorite music through its Bluetooth speaker. Have your playlist ready!


Wireless Phone Charger

otamic sedona wireless charger

Recharge your phone while you recharge your body. It's made possible with the built-in wireless phone charger feature of Oramic Sedona 4D massage Chair.


Voice Tutorial Quick Control Panel

otamic sedona voice tutorial quick control panel

Sedona LT is very user-friendly. With its easy to comprehend manual and simplified control buttons, you will find it stress-free to navigate. And if that's not enough, it also has a voice tutorial to get you through the settings. The side panel is also equipped with buttons for you to easily manage the function of the chair. Its controllers can help easily adjust reclining positions, auto massage program, Zero Gravity, heating function, and 4D intensity.


Auto-Clamping Remote Holder

otamic sedona auto clamping remote holder

This Otamic Sedona massage chair has a handy remote control too. Though it has a very convenient remote pocket, it introduces the auto-clamping remote holder to offer you a better view of the buttons. It also comes with a strong grip to hold your remote control in place. Never lose it again!



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You know your body needs rest and relaxation. And rest is what the Sedona gives! But wait, it's not just an ordinary rest. With its unique features, rest and relaxation have never been better. So, grab your key and enter the world of zen and comfort where your massage experience is like no other with Otamic 4D Sedona LT.



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