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September 1, 2017

Advantages of Osaki 4000T Massage Chair

Advantages of Osaki 4000T Massage Chair


Buy 1 Osaki OS-4000T Executive Massage Chair, Black Labor Day 2017 is arriving too soon. It marks the end of a great summer, adjusting to new routines, and of course, Labor Day sales where you find your wish list items at fantastic prices. Most of us want to get out, have fun and socialize with our favorite people in this world with Labor Day activities. Sometimes we need a little relief physically or a boost mentally. For a lot of us, this is the last big gathering of the summer. Owning an Osaki 4000T Massage Chair can help you have more energy and less pain. It's also got a fantastic Labor Day Sale price to make owning one even easier.

You deserve a break

The Osaki 4000T Massage Chair is a great addition to the home of every hardworking working man and woman. It's these dedicated and loyal workers that keep America moving forward. Without their diligence, effort, and talents being utilized every day to help the economy, where would we be?

retired lifestyle

The Osaki 4000T Massage Chair celebrates those who are currently working and those who have already have invested decades working. It doesn't matter if you work in an office, in a field, indoors, outdoors, at home or if you wear a uniform, suit and tie or jeans every day, you get tired. You experience aches and pains caused by your service. America counts on each one of these workers to do their work with expertise and diligence. Every person making results happen understands that they must do what they say they're going to do. Without people dedicated to their career, occupation or vocation, this country would be an entirely different place. If you're semi-retired or retired, the hard working team at Easy Massage Chair thanks you for your many years of dedication, mastery and hard work.

Despite the profession, you experience days that are long and the work can be exhausting, and it's not always appreciated or glamorous. You show up diligently and with loyalty utilizing your skills to the best of your ability. After a long day, nobody would blame you if all you wanted to do is relax and spend the evening with your family and friends. Before you head to bed set aside just a few minutes to enjoy the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair. Give it a chance, after all, you deserve a break. It will quickly become something you look forward to adding to your evening ritual each day. Maybe you won’t admit it at first but you will find yourself thinking about it, looking forward to it and when the end of the day finally arrives, you’ll settle into the best deep tissue massager - Osaki 4000T Massage Chair and experience a soothing massage, tension relief, and you'll feel revitalized and calm.

If you’re living the retired or semi-retired lifestyle, you may have chosen to stay active. You might just find yourself busier now than when you were working. Retired and semi-retired people are often engaged in any number of activities from hobbies and sports to taking on a part time or contracted work and will feel aches, pains and fatigue the same as anyone else. The Osaki 4000T Massage Chair helps aching, tired muscles bounce back when you may have overdone it, sat too long, stood too long or somehow got too stressed out.

About the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair

See full details of Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

The Osaki 4000T Massage Chair with foot rollers has auto programs and five levels of speed and massage intensity putting you in full control of the massage that is delivered to you. With so much control, you're selecting how fast or slow the rollers move and whether the massage is very mild or strong. You will find that this massage chair can easily adjust to accommodate your body stature because of the automatic leg scan feature which helps provide you with the perfect fitting massage.

Enjoy the benefits of a combination of massage styles. These various massage techniques have their benefits, and when combined with the other features of the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair, the list of advantages even grows.

5 Massage Styles

  1. Shiatsu - the meaning of the word Shiatsu is “finger pressure.” The Shiatsu massage technique involves applying pressure, stretching and manipulation.
  2. Swedish - the techniques of Swedish massage vary from gentle to very vigorous using different strokes and vibration.
  3. Clapping - the method of clapping massage helps involves cupping and touching the skin.
  4. Kneading massage - the technique of kneading contacts, pulls and stretches your skin.
  5. Rolling - the rolling massage method pinches and pulls your skin

Air Bag Massage

It is amazing that a series of 38 air bags are strategically placed throughout the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair to provide soothing comfort to your entire body. It includes your arms, shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs with a gentle squeeze, stretch and overall compression massage.

Two stages of Zero Gravity

As you experience Zero Gravity, you will notice the pain and tension leaving your back. Zero Gravity is an excellent feature which takes the pressure off your back and provides you with a better massage. Zero Gravity has been inspired using NASA technology, and it helps align your back, support your back and provide you with a comfortable massage. The positions of Zero Gravity also magnify the intensity of the massage for you.

Body Scan

So what makes everything in the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair so special? Innovative design and the latest technology are brought together to provide a computer body scan so that the chair adjusts to your body. It gives you a better massage targeting all of the significant areas on your back.

Additional features of the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair include

  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Vibration Seat Massage
  • Calf and Foot Massage
  • S Track follows the contour of your back
  • Easy to use large remote
  • Compact wireless remote
  • Compression Massage
  • Stretch Massage
  • Vibration Massage
  • Manual or Automatic Massage
  • Accommodates 5’2” - 6’4” height and 265#

The Osaki 4000T Massage Chair is durable and well constructed. It also is available in four attractive colors to complement any decor. You get to choose from black, brown, charcoal or cream.

Benefits of Massage

osaki 4000t massage chair

The many documented benefits of massage are not limited to what might be obvious such as relief from aches and pains. There are also certain advantages for our emotional well-being, energy level, and flexibility.

The most obvious and often cited benefit of a massage is the relaxation of our muscles and relief from muscle pain or exhaustion. Part of the reason our muscles find such relief is because massage will naturally move the blood around our body and as that happens it helps to distribute the flow of oxygen. Beyond that, regular massage has also been known to help reduce blood pressure, decrease muscle toxins and reduce stress.

Do you see through just those few examples how the Osaki 4000T could not only make you feel better but also could make your life better through improved relationships and a greater capacity to focus and invest in others?

There are many benefits for the person who is doing all they can to maintain optimal health as well as the person recovering from an illness or injury. Chronic pain and disease sufferers also find relief and improvement in symptoms from regular massages.

Massage can help take away the feeling of weakness and fatigue. It helps maintain and restore energy. It lowers anxiety and depression and gives us a more calm state of mind. This allows us to have the ability to think more clearly. There are numerous advantages to having regular massages. Many people experience improved flexibility and range of motion, a better feeling of well being and even an improved self-image. Taking the time for regular massages in the best electric massager can help you experience more relaxation, improved sleep and helps with overall natural health maintenance.

Additional benefits of massage include:

  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Relief from headaches, tension headaches, and even migraines
  • Promotes soul healing
  • Pain relief from arthritis and other chronic pain conditions
  • Increases oxygen in the blood
  • Decreases muscle toxins
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • Reduced blood pressure

In conclusion, the highly advanced Osaki 4000T Massage Chair will make each massage feel as if you just had a hands on massage regardless of your stature. It is because of the self-adjusting feature, the body scan and the specifically designed rollers that mimic the human thumb. Every time you experience a massage in the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair, you’ll walk away feeling better, more energized, less pain and glad you made the investment and took the time for a massage.

Happy Labor Day 2017

Happy Labor Day 2017 from the dedicated team at Easy Massage Chair! Enjoy honoring the workers who keep it all going. Relax, picnic, play hard, eat well and invest in the Osaki 4000T Massage Chair! Add to your evening routine and experience therapeutic massage and start receiving the many benefits of massage.

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avdhu singh October 9, 2017 at 2:52 AM
I have used Osaki Massage chair. it offers foot massages that can give great therapeutic massage which helps to relax the joints and muscles. It is the best massage chair in comparison to others.I like this massage chair..!!!!
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