Tru Eclipse Plus Massage Chair: Your Premium Investment in Wellness

Tru Eclipse Plus Massage Chair: Your Premium Investment in Wellness

The Tru Eclipse Plus Massage Chair is a premium massage chair that packs a ton of state-of-the-art features and advanced technologies to ensure your well-being through therapeutic massages while offering unparalleled conveniences. If you’re willing to invest in your wellness by taking on a massage chair, then consider the Tru Eclipse Plus. Here are some of the chair’s features you can look forward to enjoying. 


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Smart AI Voice Control Massage Chair

The Tru Eclipse Plus comes equipped with voice recognition technology and a smart AI that allows you to control the chair through simple verbal commands. Integrated mics constantly hear and recognize specific keywords allowing you to do anything from turning the chair on and off to choosing detailed massages without even lifting a finger. 


4D Intelligent Massage Mechanism

The Tru Eclipse Plus utilizes an intelligent 4D massage mechanism to deliver massages that perfectly mimic the nuanced movements of human hands. Its precision rollers can adjust their speed, depth, and pressure as they run along the spine while adapting in real-time to the contours of your back, just like real professional masseuses or therapists.


Noiseless Copper Motor

Unlike the motors used on most massage chairs, the ones that come with the Tru Eclipse Plus are designed to produce little to no sound at all. These noiseless copper motors ensure that you won’t be disturbed by any distracting hums or buzzing while you’re enjoying some peace and relaxation during massages. This makes the Tru Eclipse Plus massage chair one of the quietest 4D chairs in the market.


8 Physiotherapy Procedures

With Tru Eclipse Plus, you can address issues on specific muscle groups or enjoy a whole-body treatment with a simple touch. With its 8 Physiotherapy Procedures, you can quickly center in on your aching shoulders, back, arms, legs, or feet, treat a combination of these areas, or just go for a complete body relieving experience.  


One-Button Controller with Bluetooth

The Tru Eclipse Plus comes equipped with a wireless controller that gives you unrestricted freedom and access to the chair’s features and settings. It connects to the chair via Bluetooth and offers a one-button interface to simplify navigation and control. 


Whole Body Airbags

The Tru Eclipse+ Massage Chair is packed with a generous amount of airbags strategically distributed around the shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, and feet regions. Providing several levels of air compression intensities, these airbags offer powerful kneading massages that can be enjoyed as is or in combination with mechanical rollers. They not only bring unrivaled muscle relief, but they also improve blood flow to targeted areas. 


Double-Row Foot Rollers 

The Tru Eclipse Plus also delivers excellent foot massages. In tandem with airbags, the chair utilizes two rows of specially designed rollers to target multiple vital pressure points on the soles of your feet while also providing wider foot sole coverage than other massage chairs. So, at the end of the day, this ensures a more extensive foot massage, improved blood circulation, and greater relief for those tired feet of yours.  


Automatic Leg Adjustment

The Tru Eclipse Plus easily caters to users of different body sizes and heights. The chair’s leg and footrest automatically extend or retract according to whoever is sitting on it. As a result, almost anyone can sit on the chair comfortably and achieve the optimal position for any massage. 


Wireless Phone Charging and USB Wired Charging

Your phones and other mobile devices will never run out of battery even if you decide to use them constantly while you’re on the chair. Not only does the Tru Eclipse Plus have a built-in USB port that you can plug into, but it also has a wireless charging station on its armrest. 


Large Smart Touch LCD screen 

The Tru Eclipse Plus also sports a large smart touchscreen LCD screen to provide users with a more visual controller system. The screen comes with a simple and very intuitive interface designed to help users access all the chair’s features, massage programs, and settings. 


HIFI Surround Bluetooth Speaker & Mood Light

The Tru Eclipse Plus also comes with high-fidelity surround sound speakers that you can connect to for playing your favorite tunes and relaxation music. At the same time, it also has LED mood lights on its periphery that exude an ambient glow, providing the ultimate multisensory setup for achieving a tranquil state. 


With an exquisitely fine design, the latest massage technologies, and a host of highly advanced features, the Tru Eclipse Plus is truly a worthwhile investment in wellness and relaxation. So, what are you waiting for?