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September 12, 2019

Cream of the Crop: OHCO M.8LE vs Luraco i7 Plus

Both of the OHCO M.8 and Luraco i7 Plus massage chairs are the epitome of massage therapy at its finest. They are stunning in their genuine leather upholstery and will undoubtedly give any room in your home or office a luxurious, high end appeal. They are both a product of years of research and state-of-the art engineering. So, how are they really different from each other and which one suits you best? Read on and find out.

July 23, 2019

Daiwa Massage Chairs Match Up: Pegasus 2 vs Hubble

Have you ever sat down one night after a hectic work day and randomly said to yourself, “Man, I want a nice shoulder massage,”? You also might have googled for the best massage chair or best foot massager occasionally. Well, look no further, because Daiwa massage chairs will surely satisfy your needs.

Read on to see which one between the Pegasus 2 Smart and Hubble suits you best.