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April 15, 2019

Seriously Simple Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

By Jennifer McGregor No comments

Your health is not something you should ignore. However, a hectic schedule, sit-down job, and stress can all lead you to leaving your body on the backburner. If the idea of making changes to improve your health is overwhelming, keep reading. The following minor adjustments to your lifestyle are easy to make and will have a positive impact on your health today and every day.

Stop living with pain

Chronic pain is challenging to live with but there are many non-pharmaceutical ways to manage it. Chiropractor Dr. Peter J. Schubbe says that massage can alleviate pain , specifically back pain. Schubbe notes that a personal massage chair can manipulate muscles, decrease tension, improve flexibility, and elevate endorphin levels. Although these chairs can sometimes be cost-prohibitive when compared to always paying for a regular professional massage, it will eventually pay for itself and you can enjoy it anytime at the comfort of your own home - no more hassle of booking an appointment and going out of your way. Consider the benefits of getting a massage chair in terms of convenience and features if you find that you need a massage often.

Schedule a dentist appointment

With a few exceptions, the things that enter your body do so through your mouth. This not only includes food and beverages but also bacteria and viruses. Having a healthy mouth is unarguably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Notably, a radiant smile will give you a self-esteem boost. Further, oral hygiene plays a role in other aspects of your health, including how you eat and interact with others. If you currently don’t like your dentist, it’s time for a change. Keep in mind that price, convenience, and cleanliness matter when it comes to choosing the right dentist. It’s important that your clinicians are qualified and can get you through your visit without pain and discomfort.

Get the most out of your healthcare coverage

There’s a good chance you have more services and benefits available to you through your healthcare plan than you realize. For example, if you’re a senior with Medicare Advantage, especially if your plan is through a well-known provider like Humana, you most likely have coverage for dental care, and may also have no-cost access to a senior-friendly fitness facility. Most Advantage plans also cover vision, and many newer options offer lifestyle perks such as meal delivery. For anyone not yet using Medicare, make a point to comb through your coverage. Many employer-sponsored insurance plans also offer exclusive benefits, including nursing hotlines, fitness coverage and nutrition counseling.

Grab a glass of water

Water is a miracle liquid. While that might sound like the kind of hype you’d expect in a bottled water commercial, it may be the truest statement you’ve ever read. Your body needs water to survive. Every cell relies on what you drink to regenerate. Drinking enough water can reduce the number of headaches you get, make your skin look better, and will keep your eyes and mouth moist. If that’s not enough, proper hydration can also help you lose weight. This is according to Yes Health, a diabetes prevention and awareness website with partnerships with the American Diabetes Association and the University of California San Francisco. If you’re not big on the taste of plain water, you can use fruits and herbs to enhance the flavor.

Ditch the candy and snack smart

Approximately 25 percent of adults eat candy every day, and the US consumes more sugary sweets than any other country in the world. Candy, cakes, and confections hold little nutritional value and contribute to diabetes, obesity, and numerous other health concerns. Instead of chewing on something chocolate, eat fruit, vegetables, and whole grains when you need a snack. Even if you consume the same amount of calories, your body can more easily absorb healthy foods, and what you eat is less likely to raise the numbers on the scale.

Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to change who you are or how you live your life. Watch what you eat, utilize your health insurance, go to the dentist, and pay attention to pain. Taking these small steps toward a healthy lifestyle can give you more years to enjoy being you.