Fight Everyday Stress With The Osaki Sonno GravZero Recliner

Fight Everyday Stress With The Osaki Sonno GravZero Recliner

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Most massage chairs come in imposing frames that make them stand out in almost any room you place them. Others look like they were taken straight out of a spaceship. It’s no wonder some people get turned off by them. If you are one of those who want a massage chair that could easily blend in the office or study room but still provide some of the best massage features in the market today, then you might want to consider the Osaki Sonno GravZero Recliner.


Ser full details of Osaki Sonno Zero Gravity Recliner


It offers Zero-Gravity reclining

The Osaki Sonno Zero Gravity Recliner might look slim but it is equipped with the industry’s favorite Zero-Gravity technology. Despite the absence of bulk, the chair is designed to recline up to 40 degrees to induce a feeling of weightlessness in the user.  And since it can fit anywhere in the office, let this NASA-inspired feature provide you with some relief through spinal decompression and improved circulation anytime you’re feeling anxious or stressed about work. 



It offers lumbar heating

The Osaki Sonno GravZero recliner is also equipped with heating elements in the lumbar area. This allows the chair to provide users with heat therapy. The lumbar heating is designed to use increased temperature to slowly and carefully unwind those knotted muscles in the back. The unwinding prepares your muscles for the spinal massage, for an effective 2-stage relaxation combo. If that’s not enough for you, you can use the remote control to adjust the temperature to the perfect level that your muscles need.


It has a simple but user-friendly remote controller

For the ultimate control of every setting and feature of the Osaki Sonno Gravity Recliner, you can use the wired remote controller of the chair. With the controller, you can:

  • turn the chair on or off
  • adjust the angle of recline
  • change the position of the massage
  • access the Zero-Gravity feature
  • adjust the temperature of the lumbar heating elements
  • increase or decrease air pressure levels
  • access pre-programmed automatic modes
  • store and access favorite positions in and from memory, and
  • set up timers

And since the remote controller is wired, there is no chance for you to lose the controller or misplace it.


It looks traditional but very luxurious

The Osaki Sonno Massage Recliner does not look like your typical massage chair. It looks more like a very traditional but luxurious leather seat. First of all, it looks a lot slimmer than most massage chairs. Second, it shows off its 4 wooden legs. Have you ever seen the legs of regular massage chairs? By the way, it comes it two variations, the Osaki Sonno XT-1 and XT2, the latter with premium genuine leather.


Clad in black or brown leather, the Osaki Sonno looks very sleek and stylish. The wood panels for the chair’s legs not only create a solid base for the chair but also adds to the overall premium look of this Osaki recliner. And since the whole design of the chair is more streamlined than a regular massage chair, it takes up significantly less space in any room you put it. If you place it behind your office table, it would instantly pass off as your office chair and your peers wouldn’t even question it. That’s how unique this massage chair looks.


So, if you are looking for a massage chair to pamper you with a relaxing massage at the end of the day, but do not like the typical bulky massage chairs in the market, then consider the Osaki Sonno Zero Gravity Recliner. It’s a non-traditional massage chair that looks like a traditional chair.


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