Keep The Massage Therapy Sessions Coming With The Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore

Keep The Massage Therapy Sessions Coming With The Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore

Ever had a massage therapy session so good that you want to keep getting it on an almost daily basis? If you haven’t found a massaging chair that can make you feel that way, then it’s high time you get acquainted with Osaki’s latest unit. Meet the Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore. What’s in it for you? Here’s a sneak peek of its features:


It has intelligent voice control

Osaki Encore Massage Chair Voice Control


The Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore was not just built to deliver holistic massage to every user, it was also created to showcase advanced technology. Case in point: the makers of this massage chair placed a tiny microphone in the unit. And what does this microphone do? It helps each user manage the massage session by simply speaking recognizable commands to the system. In other words? You can literally tell it what massage mode you want (and not just press buttons for massage control).


Here’s another thing that puts this model in the running for your ideal massage chair:

It has 4D massage rollers running on an ergonomic SL track

Think 3D massage rollers are awesome? Wait until you hear about the Encore’s quad-style 4D massage rollers. How so? These 4D massage rollers redefine what mimicking human hands means when it comes to massage moves. Not only do they take deeper massage therapy up a notch, but they also up the ante with the ability to give users varied speed, intensity, and overall greater massage control.




And what works best with 4D massage rollers? None other than a 52-inch massage roller track that gives the best of both the S- and L-variations. In short, it’s an SL track. And what’s so special about the S and L combination? Well, with an S-track, the massage rollers are able to glide across and follow the natural curve of your spine.


That way, you get to enjoy the massage techniques in every nook and cranny of your back. The L-track, on the other hand, gives the massage rollers greater coverage. That is, where the usual S-track starts from the back of your neck and traverses all the way to your back, the L-track extends a bit more to your glutes and the back of your thighs. Combine these two features and you get a track that gives you the best of both worlds.


What else can you look forward to?

It has body scanning technology

Osaki Encore Body Scan Massage Chair


You know how some massage therapists ask you at the start of each massage session if there are areas you’d like to focus on or avoid altogether? The Osaki Encore 4D massage chair does body scan at the start of each massage session that works in a similar manner.


It scans both the back of your neck and the entire length of your back to map out which key areas in your body need the massage the most. It also detects your shoulder height and adjusts the massage rollers accordingly. By doing this, the system familiarizes itself with your body built, all the while calculating the optimal pressure it needs to deliver.


Looking for something massage-specific? Say no more.

It has several massage modes for you to choose from

osaki encore massage programs modes


Know exactly the kind of massage technique your body needs? Then you can take advantage of the OS-Pro Encore’s manual mode and simply choose your preferred one from among the 8 massage moves available.


Want a quick full-body massage without having to overthink which technique works best in which body part? Then let the Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore’s auto programs do the job for you. Explore all 9 different preset modes or pick your favorite and enjoy it every single time.


And if you need relief from muscle pain and tension? There’s a massage feature for that too. It’s called air compression massage. And the 26 airbags located at the shoulder, arm, waist, pelvis, and calf areas of the Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore were built just for that. You read that right. These strategically located airbags were created to bring full-body compression massage and aid in improving overall blood circulation which, in turn, can help alleviate muscle pain and tension.


And if that’s not enough? Osaki throws in some heating pads on the lumbar and calf areas to better loosen those tired and knotted muscles. But that’s not all...


It also has a Zero-Gravity capability

Osaki Encore Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Ever heard of the famous NASA-inspired recline position? You know, the one where the person’s knees are elevated at an angle slightly higher than the heart. That’s Zero-Gravity. And you can bet you’ll enjoy its benefits in the Osaki Pro Encore massage chair. This includes getting a deeper massage, better blood circulation, and relieving pressure off your joints and spine, to name a few.


Osaki Encore 4D Massage Chair


Excited to purchase this model, yet? Let’s not forget its Bluetcoooth speakers, easy-to-use remote, and space-saving features, too. All this essential as well as the extra featuresmake the encore one of the best and modern massage chairs of today. Contact us now if you want to know more, need assistance or would like to know your options.



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