Experience Masterful Massage Therapy With The Ogawa Master Drive AI

Experience Masterful Massage Therapy With The Ogawa Master Drive AI

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Ever heard of a feature in a massage chair that makes it adapt, adjust, and personalize massage therapy based on what your body needs? Surprising, isn’t it? That’s the latest innovation in chair massage brought to you by Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair. Want to know more about its cool features? Check this out.


It is powered by innovative and cutting-edge technology


Wish you can get a fast, accurate, and overall better massage experience? Many thanks to its three dedicated M.5 Gen microprocessors, the Ogawa Master Drive AI can certainly grant your wish. Other models boast of body-scanning and manual massage modes for a customized massage.


Meanwhile, this AI-driven chair proves that it's your ideal massage chair because it takes personalization up a notch with its intelligent sensory microprocessors.

And do you know what complements this? Brushless motors that are small yet have a faster capacity. You better believe it. The first of its kind to use this technology, the Ogawa Master Drive gives seamless and friction/heat-free massage therapy in every session.


Speaking of technological advancements, can you guess what other ground-breaking technologies this real relax massage chair has?


It harnesses the wit of artificial intelligence (AI)


Two words: Chair Doctor. So, what does that mean? Using PPG technology (incorporated in the chair’s aptly called intelligence handle), this massage chair can analyze your stress levels by reading your heart rate. In the same manner, it uses a biofeedback mechanism (through its GSR control sensors) to sense your emotional state.



And you know what else it can do? It can sense your blood oxygen levels, then further customizes the massage based on the data it has gathered. It even has Alexa integration. Pretty neat, right? But this massaging chair has more surprises up its sleeves.


It has an SL-track with 4D massage rollers


Let’s talk about its massage roller track first. While some massage chair models typically have either an S- or an L-track, the Ogawa Master Drive AI readily gives you the best of both worlds so you won’t have to choose. That being said, you get to enjoy the experience of having a massage on the S-track that follows the natural curve of your spine.


ogawa master drive 4d rollers


Similarly, you’ll reap the benefits of having a 54-inch long massage roller track. This means you get to enjoy massage therapy starting at the back of your head, then to your neck and shoulders, proceeding down to your back, and extending all the way to your glutes.


And how do you best enjoy a massage experience on an SL-track? With 4D massage rollers. Does 4D make a difference? Absolutely. Not only can these rollers exceed the deep and human-like massage performance that 3D rollers do, but they also bring more to the table.


ogawa master drive programs


Case in point: the 4D Vario Motion Intelligent rollers of the Ogawa Master Drive AI are so advanced that they can execute therapeutic massage motions as precise and as responsive as human hands can. They even have built-in Smart Acupunctural Point Detection capability that can target 36 acupuncture points in your spine to provide optimal relief to these key muscle groups.


Impeccable array of massage options


Choose from 26 automatic programs or customize each massage session further with up to 500 customizable options available. You can even save up to three memory settings into the system so you won’t have to keep remembering your favorite massage combination.


ogawa master drive programs


In need of a blood circulation boost and some spinal stretching? The Ogawa Master Drive can give you that and more with its 60 air compression chambers all strategically-placed and ready to ease your muscle’s stiffness and tension away. They even have five air intensity levels that you can choose from.


It has Zero-Gravity positioning


Yes, you’ll feel like a NASA astronaut in this chair’s zero-gravity recline position where your knees are raised at an angle that is slightly higher than your heart. What benefits can this position bring? Well, aside from giving you a deeper massage, the Zero-G function also promotes better blood circulation and releases pressure off your spine and joints.


Heat therapy to give you warmth


ogawa drive master heat therapy


Craving for some warmth? This intelligent massage chair won’t disappoint. Not only does it have lumbar heating, but you can also enjoy the same soothing heat therapy in your leg and knee areas. This a feature that is especially handy during the cold winter season.


Think you can handle more features? Read on.


It comes with amazing add-ons


Let’s name a few. It has the following additional features:

  • Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your favorite songs while relaxing.
  • mood-enhancing light therapy with 7 LED light themes to choose from.
  • And of course, let’s not forget its control center which comes in the form of the 10.1” Samsung tablet with the Ogawa App.
  • It even has intensity controls and more buttons on its armrest in case you want to adjust the settings mid-massage.


ogawa master drive ai massage chair


All in all? For an LA-designed massage chair wrapped in beautiful yet durable upholstery, you know this one’s truly a charmer. Ready to bring it home? Message or call us now to place your order.



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