D.Core Stratus Massage Chair: Heavenly Relaxation and Comfort

D.Core Stratus Massage Chair: Heavenly Relaxation and Comfort

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Ever get the urge to just escape the stresses brought about by your daily life? Although going away on a holiday for a few days will often help to unwind and relax, this isn’t often possible. The perfect solution is to have a reliable way to de-stress and relax in the comforts of your own home.


Say hello to the D.Core Stratus Massage Chair. This massage chair brings home massage to a heavenly level. Eager to learn more? Let’s get to know this DCore massage chair.




Backed By A Trusted Brand

When it comes to massage chairs, brand matters. Should you trust a DCore massage chair? DCore is known for successfully combining its massage expertise, modern technology, and traditional aesthetic beauty. Their massage chairs are carefully designed with Japanese respect for the natural, refined, and subtle. All the DCore massage chairs – the Cloud, the Cirrus, and the Stratus – showcase the sophisticated Japanese design and provide an exceptional therapeutic massage experience.


Effective Deep Tissue Massage

The D.Core brand stands for deep core massage – the main feature that D.Core massage chairs are known for. The Stratus massage chair features the Shiatsu deep tissue massage mechanism, as well as the Patented Wave Arrays in the massage chair arm. With the true Shiatsu action, the DCore Stratus chair is designed to deliver, you can expect an effective deep tissue therapeutic massage that releases fascia tissue that has become attached to muscle fibers and caused painful nodules.


Need a refresher on these two massage technologies?

The Patented True Shiatsu Action that the DCore Stratus uses imitates the massage movements of an expert Shiatsu massage therapist. It would feel like your body is kneaded by the fingers and your tight muscles are loosened by the caring hands of a masseuse.


In addition to this, you know how some massage chairs seem to forget to provide care and attention to your limbs? The Patented Wave Arrays ensure that this does not happen. This D.Core feature allows mechanical rollers to massage your arms and calves. Talk about a complete body massage!


Everything You Want In A Massage Chair

D.Core Stratus Massage Chair


What other features do you look for in a massage chair?

  • Heat therapy? The DCore Stratus has that covered! Together with the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action, you can be sure of a soothing therapeutic massage.
  • L-Track? With its optimally shaped L-Track, you’ll get soothing relief from your neck all the way to your hamstrings. You won't have to make difficult DIY massage anymore!
  • Zero Gravity? Get ready to be cradled into a zero-gravity position that will deliver a feeling of weightlessness and help you get the most of your massage.
  • Air Massage? The Stratus massage chair is equipped with airbags that help it live up to its name and make you feel like relaxing in the clouds.
  • Foot Rollers? The DCore Stratus won’t miss out on giving your feet their much-needed comfort. It has air cells and rollers that are designed to mobilize, massage, and compress your entire foot.
  • Auto Massage Programs? You’ll have your choice from 9 different automatic programs; you’ll surely find one for every mood and need.


Brings Style To Any Space

No space for a piece of bulky furniture? Whether you plan to place your D.Core Stratus Massage Chair in your bedroom, living room, or any other part of your house, it has the style and elegance that makes it worthy of any space. Worried about the space it will take up? Its wall-hugging design will let it fit even in small spaces in your home.


d.core stratus massage chair


Made with real black walnut wood shaped with sweeping curves, this elegant massaging chair is the epitome of the Japanese wabi-sabi design principles of finding beauty in imperfection. Say goodbye to ugly-looking chairs that look like they are taken out of sci-fi movies – the Stratus is sleek, stylish, and elegant.


The Right DCore For You

Wondering whether the Stratus is the right DCore massage chair for you? If you love the D.Core deep tissue massage action, the Stratus lives up to the quality upheld by other DCore chairs such as the Cirrus and Cloud. In fact, the DCore Stratus chair is almost exactly the same as the DCore Cirrus massage chair. The only difference is in their design – the Cirrus has a different side/armrest design from the Stratus. It kind of sits in between the top-of-the-line model Cirrus and the mid-range model Cloud.


D.Core Stratus Massage Chair


Eager to get your hands on the DCore Stratus massage chair? We make it so much easier for you with our free shipping and easy returns. You could even buy it through 0% financing to make it easier on your pockets. Oh and buy the way, we offer a price match guarantee and exclusive free upgrades. Ready to put this piece of heaven in your home? Just hit that add to cart button or talk to us via the live chat below or dial 888-612-8862.



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