Inner Balance Wellness J5600 3D Massage Chair with Body Scan

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Inner Balance Wellness J5600 3D Massage Chair with Body Scan

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• Manual legrest extension (5 inch)
• Special "Super Kneading" deep tissue massage program
• 5 back strength levels - 3.5 inches of strength adjustment (3D)
• High performance deep tissue 3D mech
• Powered recline and rise

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The Johnson Wellness J5600 3D massage chair brings an elevated level of massage beyond what you expect from a traditional massage chair. When you sit in a regular massage chair, and then sit in a Johnson Massage 3D massage chair you will feel the worlds of difference between the two.

What makes the mechanism so special? When it comes to massage chairs what makes the quality of the back massage is the mechanism performing the massage, the type of mechanism, and the software controlling its technique and auto-course execution. All Johnson Wellness massage mechanisms are a gear based 2 massage head system, what this means is that a gear turning controls how much pressure is applied on the back and that there is only one point of contact on each side of the back performing the massage. What this allows for is more precise superior deep tissue massage compared to the more common 4 massage head systems (2 on each side); with just a single head on each side more pressure can be applied to each head ensuring a superior quality deep tissue massage. The gear system also ensures when you tell a massage head to push in it goes in exactly as far as you tell it to and no more, giving you the control over the massage experience. The Johnson Wellness massage mechanism is user controllable with an accuracy of within 2mm; other 4 headed systems don't have this same level of precision.

A standard massage mechanism only allows control of the massage mechanisms planes of movement from left to right and top to bottom, a 3D massage mechanism adds an additional plane of control allowing the movement towards the back or away from the back to be controlled as well. All Johnson Wellness massage chairs feature an advanced 3D Massage or 4D Mechanism, none of our chairs feature the outdated 2D style mechanism. This difference in control has a huge impact on the intensity of the massage allowing this chair to work for multiple different people by dialing down or up the intensity of the massage. What's even better about this massage mechanism when compared to standard massage mechs is that it lets you adjust the intensity of the in program massage strength as well, the one size fits all approach is a thing of the past with this advanced 3D Johnson Massage chair.

  • The chair features 18 LLDPE "Rapid Response, quick pulse" airbags located in the foot, calf, and forearm.
  • 7 Massage programs: Super Kneading, Refresh, Relax, Deep Shiatsu, Quick Relax, Neck & Shoulder, and Lower Back.
  • Advanced 11 Point Acupressure Body Scan for a user specific massage experience every time.
  • 6 Massage Techniques: Kneading, Kneading and Tapping, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rub, and Roller.
  • Repeat command: With a press of the repeat button you can send a command to the massage mechanism telling it to repeat for 30 seconds whatever the last movement the chair executed was
  • Leg Stretch – With a simple button press, or automatically in some auto-courses, the chairs motorized ottoman will grip your legs and pull down stretching the muscles throughout the legs for added massage benefit.
  • The engineering for this product was done in Osaka, Japan and features software programmed in Japan so you can feel the difference in the quality of massage. The production and assembly is completed in China.
  • A full 3 year everything is covered in home warranty covering all US states and Canada.
  • Very little assembly required - Just attach each side panels (2 screw each side) and connect 1 air-hose on each side and you're done. Only a screwdriver is needed and that's included.
  • Large format, easy to read, easy to follow Owners' Manual.
  • All delivery is inside threshold ground level delivery, you won't end up with a heavy massage chair showing up on your curb for pick-up.


  • 6 available massage techniques
  • 7 pre-set massage programs
  • 11 point optical body scan
  • 18 LLDPE rapid response air bags
  • Manual legrest extension (5 inch)
  • Special "Super Kneading" deep tissue massage program
  • 5 back strength levels - 3.5 inches of strength adjustment (3D)
  • High performance deep tissue 3D mech
  • Powered recline and rise
  • Intuitive LED massage controller
  • Engineered in Osaka, Japan

Full Body Massage

Two 3D-head mechanism delivers unique 3D realistic massage motions that gently ease tense muscles in your back and shoulders.

18 LLDPE airbags in our Pulse Air Massage system stimulates muscle fibers and enhances circulation in your arms, calves, and feet.

Massage Courses & Techniques

With the push of a button, choose from 7 pre-programmed massage courses: super kneading, refresh, relax, deep shiatsu, quick relax, neck & shoulders, or lower back.

Or customize your massage experience by choosing one of six different massage techniques (kneading, tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, or rolling) for a full body massage, or just focus on one specific area.

Adjustable Footrest

The footrest uses airbags to massage your calf muscles, as well as the instep and soles of your feet.

The footrest also extends an additional 6” to accommodate taller users.

Multi-Point Body Scan

The multi-point body scan system uses up to 11 different pressure points to customize your massage experience to the contours of your neck, shoulders and back.




Ability to target specific body areas
Heat therapy
Rollers under your feet
Acupoint Nodes
Roller intensity type
Roller massage under the seat
Roller track length
Adjustable back roller intensity
Stretch massage
Space saving
Zero Gravity
Recline to elevate legs above the heart
Body scan for custom massage
Styles of massage
kneading, tapping, kneading & tapping, shiatsu, rubbing, or rolling
Deep tissue capability
Number of preset massage programs
7 Auto Programs
Abililty to manually set massage
Vibration massage
Built in music player
Recommended height range
5'0" - 6'0"
Adjustable roller width
Adjustable roller speeds
Airbag massage body areas
Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand
# of airbags
Duration of massage programs
15 Minutes
Weight limit
Chair dimensions
55.1"L x 31.1"W x 49.2"H
Chair dimensions (fully reclined)
73.2"L x 31.1"W x 29.5"H
Weight of massage chair
Manufactured in

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What are you looking for in a massage chair?  

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Do I need Indoor Setup (also known as white glove service) or can I do it myself?

- The chairs are easy to assemble.  It only takes about 20 minutes.  The only reason assembly is required is because most chairs ship with the arms detached to make it narrower, lighter and easier to move into your home.

- The assembly is basically just screwing the arms to the chair.  It includes easy to follow instructions and does not require special tools or skills.

- If you want them to setup the chair inside your home, you can select the option for “Indoor Setup & Assembly”.  We don't recommend it for most people it because it's an easy way to save yourself the money.  But we're happy to add it to your order if you'd like.



Canadian customers

- Yes, we ship many massage chairs to Canada.  Total turnaround time is typically about 2 and a half weeks.  We make it easy by handling all of the importing paperwork.  We also pay for the customs brokerage and filing fees. 

- GST (usually 4.9%) and duties if levied, would be billed to the customer.  Duties have never been levied on massage chairs we’ve shipped to Canada.

Includes Manufacturer's Warranty

Massage Chair 5 years Warranty

This item includes a total of 5 years manufacturer warranty.

A qualified technician would be sent to your home to provide service if you ever need it. You never have to ship the chair for service.

For the full warranty text, please click here


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