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Infinity IT-8500X3 3D S-Track Massage Chair - Certified Pre-Owned

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Certified Pre-Owned (Certified by Kyota)?
Includes Full Manufacturer Warranty
• Brand New 3D Technology?
• Best Stretch Massage on the market
• Bluetooth Technology
• Zero Gravity?
• Spinal Correction?
• S-Track?
• Decompression Stretch?
• Lumbar Heat?



CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED (Certified by Infinity)

  • Grade A means 100% functioning condition with no visible cosmetic flaws.
  • Grade B means 100% functioning condition with minor cosmetic flaws.
  • Both Grade A and Grade B chairs include the same 4 year manufacturer warranty as the brand new chairs.


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The all-new Infinity IT-8500X3 massage chair is on a level all its own. Not only does this chair offer the same high-quality technology and aesthetic look of the original IT-8500, but it also offers the most advanced 3D technology in the massage chair industry . New Bluetooth capability and a re-designed remote make the IT-8500X3 extremely user-friendly. Plus, you'll enjoy the same great features like the decompression stretch and spinal alignment.

Enter a new world of massage chair innovation with the brand new IT-8500X3 by Infinity Massage Chairs. As one of the most advanced massage chairs on the market, the IT-8500X3 brings you high-end features at half the price of comparable chairs.


This massage chair’s unique 3D technology allows the user to adjust the roller depth from a barely-there massage to a powerful deep tissue massage, making it suitable for a wide variety of people. Enjoy five 3D intensity levels and three newly-added 3D auto programs.

Other new features of the IT-8500X3 include Bluetooth capability, a re-designed remote, and six new preset programs. To top it all off, the IT-8500X3 is quieter than ever during operation. Of course, you’ll still enjoy the same standby offerings like the decompression stretch, spinal alignment, and foot rollers—only now with even more control over each and every massage!


Brand New 3D Technology

The IT-8500X3 includes the most advanced 3D massage technology in the market. This means:

  • Five 3D Intensity Levels:  The massage rollers can be reduced to practically nothing, or to a powerful deep tissue massage.
  • Auto-extend Neck Feature:  The 3D system includes a sensor to detect where the user's neck lies. This allows the rollers to extend further for a stronger neck massage.
  • New 3D Auto Programs:  Enjoy a pulsating release of tension with the Deep Shiatsu program, gentle relaxation with the Healthy Breath program, or a renewing stretch with the Massage Extend program.

Thanks to its adjustable 3D technology, the Infinity IT-8500X3 is perfect for any home. Whether one family member wants a gently soothing massage, or another wants a rejuvenating deep pressure massage, everyone can enjoy the massage he or she desires in this sophisticated Infinity Massage Chair.

Bluetooth Technology

To make life simpler, the upgraded IT-8500X3 includes Bluetooth technology. Connect your wireless device easily and let your favorite tunes carry you away as you enjoy your massage.


New Remote Design

Operating your massage chair is now easier and more enjoyable than ever, thanks to the IT-8500X3’s re-designed remote. Control your massage from the palm of your hand with the new, smaller remote design.


Newly Added Preset Programs

Waste no time enjoying your massage with the six preset programs of the IT-8500X3:

  • Sports Refresh
  • Extension
  • Rest & Sleep
  • Working Relief
  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Waist & Spine


Benefits of Zero Gravity

Upgrades are great, but Infinity knows not to fix those things which aren’t broken! That’s why the IT-8500X3 massage chair offers the same wonderful zero gravity experience. The zero gravity position reclines your body so your legs are elevated above your heart. This encourages circulation, reduces the heart rate, and releases tension and pressure from the spine. Zero gravity will improve your overall well-being.


Spinal Correction

Release spinal tension with the advanced upper body airbag system of this Infinity Massage Chair. It allows for a firm shoulder retraction in conjunction with a lower extremity grip and stretch feature. At the same time, the main back roller massagers move up and down the spine and the shiatsu swivel seat swings the hips from side to side. This advanced multi-functional system provides a spinal correction like no other.


Same Great Decompression Stretch

As one of the signature features of the original IT-8500, the decompression stretch was a must-keep. The IT-8500X3 grips the entire body with its airbags, enabling a spinal stretch unlike any other in the massage chair industry.


Renowned Deep Tissue Massage

Your spinal column is made up of vast bundles of nerves that hold tension, leading to stiffness and fatigue. The IT-8500X3 offers the same deep tissue massage of the IT-8500, but now with the ability to adjust the pressure thanks to its 3D technology.

Pressurized massage strokes work down the cervical spine all the way through the lumbar region in long, continuous strokes. You will feel the release of tension as the powerful rollers do their work, improving blood circulation and even helping promote healthy digestion. The deep pressure massage of the IT-8500X3 is enough to improve your overall well-being.


Comfortable S-Track Conforms to Your Body

The IT-8500X3 was designed with the natural “S” shape of your spine in mind. The spine holds a great deal of stress, tension, and overall support of the body. This tension can build depending on physical activity or extended periods of sitting, leading to symptoms like pain, numbness, and even an altered heart rate.

That’s why the IT-8500X3 features a slide rail that conforms to the natural curve of your spine. This allows the rollers to fully reach every point of your spine, soothing stress and relieving pain and tension. With its S-shaped roller track, this massage chair will leave you with long-lasting comfort and relaxation.


Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

Sensors in the upper body of the IT-8500X3 detect your shoulder region to provide a targeted, comprehensive massage to this vital area.


Full-Body Airbag System

You will feel as if you’re being massaged by a licensed massage therapist thanks to the full-body airbag system of the IT-8500X3. Airbags regions include:

  • Head Rest Pillow
  • Shoulders
  • Arms and Wrists
  • Lower Waist
  • Lumbar and Gluteus
  • Legs and Calves
  • Feet and Soles


Rejuvenating Foot Massage

Along with our backs, a large amount of tension and fatigue is held in our feet. The IT-8500X3 contains eight airbags and six rolling sole massagers in each foot unit. Each airbag is designed specifically to squeeze, knead, roll and swing massage the sole, arch, heel, and ankle.


Lumbar Heat

Soothe your tense back muscles with the powerful heating function of the IT-8500X3. The chair’s lumbar heat relaxes and prepares your muscles for the massage. The heating modules heat up gradually to reduce pain and tightness, as well as restore healthy circulation and the rigidity of your muscles.


Low Impact & Environmentally Sound

There is no need to worry about your energy usage or environmental impact when it comes to the Infinity IT-8500X3. This massage chair is designed to deliver powerful results with the lowest environmental impact possible. The chair uses a very low amount of energy (about 220W while operating) and a steady and constant voltage.

Additionally, the upgraded IT-8500X3 operates more quietly than ever while providing you with a professional-grade massage in the peace and comfort of your own home.


Durable and High-Quality

A massage chair should be a quality piece that will provide you for years of relaxation and comfort. The IT-8500X3 provides unparalleled wear resistance and is highly protected against corrosion. Infinity even tested it in a potent dose of sodium hydroxide for 72 hours. The material of this massage chair is easy to clean, protected against extreme temperatures, and features a very breathable material for simple care and maintenance.


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Ability to target specific body areas
Heat therapy
Rollers under your feet
Roller intensity type
Roller massage under the seat
Roller track length
Roller Intensity Adjustment
Stretch massage Yes
Space Saving
Zero Gravity
Recline to elevate legs above the heart
Body scan for custom massage Yes
Styles of massage
Kneading, Tapping, Dual, Knocking, Shiatsu, Music Sync
Deep tissue capability
Number of preset massage programs
Abililty to manually set massage
Vibration massage
Built in music player
Recommended height range
5'1" - 6'6"
Adjustable roller width
Adjustable roller speeds
Airbag massage body areas
Arm, Calf, Foot, Hand, Head, Hip and Thigh, Upper Arm and Shoulder
# of airbags
Duration of massage programs 10 to 45 Minutes
Weight limit
Chair dimensions
59"L x 35.4"W x 45.7"H
Chair dimensions (fully reclined)
74"L x 35.4"W x 36.3"H
Weight of massage chair
Big Box Size (L" x W" x H")
63"L x 33"W x 31"H
Big Box Contents Base of Chair, Remote Control, Speakers, Hardware, Manual
Small Box Size (L" x W" x H") 21"L x 23"W x 19"H
Small Box Contents Foot Rest, Medium Box: Arm Panels
Shipping Weight 350lbs.
Manufactured in

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Manufacturer's Warranty

This warranty is from the manufacturer so you can call them directly if you ever need service. Everywhere within the 48 continental United States is fully covered under this warranty.

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This item includes a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the frame and 3 years warranty on the parts. And for the 1st year, in home labor service is also included.

A qualified technician would be sent to your home to provide service if you ever need it. You never have to ship the chair for service.

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