Panasonic MAK1: Highly Advanced Deep-tissue Massage Chair For Unparalleled Massage Experience

Panasonic MAK1: Highly Advanced Deep-tissue Massage Chair For Unparalleled Massage Experience

If you are in the market for a premium massage chair that delivers precise, unmatched, deep-tissue massage, then you might want to put the Panasonic MAK1 on your short list of candidates. The MAK1 is a feature-packed high-end massage chair that not only gives you an unforgettable deep-tissue kneading but also provides highly customizable full-body pampering that will leave you completely relaxed and refreshed. Continue reading for more details.


Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair

It uses the Real Pro Ultra 4D Massage System

Known for delivering a wide range of massage styles, Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra 4D Human Intelligence mechanism makes use of rollers that easily move in any direction through 3D space. However, unlike other massage chairs that rely on pre-session body scanning to plot a course, the MAK1 gets real-time data from active body sensors so the rollers get to adjust their speed and intensity to your body’s condition at that exact moment in the massage. 


It relies on the highly advanced Real-time 6-Position and Force Microprocessor

To accomplish this real-time massage adjustment, the MAK1 was designed with a microprocessor dedicated to adjusting and readjusting the force and power delivered by the rollers. Much like a CPU of a computer, this microprocessor constantly receives information from strategically placed sensors that constantly measure certain parts of your body, to make appropriate modifications to massages in terms of speed and intensity. This allows the MAK1 to execute responsive, intricate, and precise massages that very closely mimic the movements of a human masseuse or therapist.


It is equipped with infrared heated rollers

The Panasonic MAK1’s rollers are not only good for a responsive deep-tissue massage. They can also heat up to provide you with a different kind of soothing – heat therapy. Because higher temperature loosens tight muscles, the MAK1’s infrared-equipped rollers make your muscles more pliable and more conducive to deep relaxing kneading.




It provides full-body air massages

The MAK1 is also generously equipped with air cells all around the chair that provide compression massages on other parts of the body such as the shoulders, hips, glutes, calves, feet, forearms, and hands. They inflate and deflate to varying volumes to squeeze and then let go of your muscles. The alternating sequence of compressions and releases follows the same motion of a real massage therapist.


It uses the Real Pro Exclusive Junetsu Ultra Kneading

Probably the biggest thing that sets the Panasonic MAK1 apart from other massage chairs is Panasonic’s exclusive Junetsu Ultra Kneading technology. This technique involves deep, tight, spiral movements that not only effectively loosen tight muscles, but also target zones that benefit from increased vascular circulation. It helps tremendously in improving mobility, range of motion, as well as comfort, so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after each massage.


Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair


It offers professional sole massage

The EP-MAK1 not only pampers your upper body. It provides pro-level massages on your feet and soles as well. By using air compression cells around the feet, the chair grabs your feet firmly in place and pushes them down on the rollers underneath your soles. These specially crafted rollers knead your soles and plantar arch like a professional reflexologist, giving your feet some next-level relaxation.


It provides versatile stretching techniques

The Real Pro Ultra mechanism and the air cell compression system of the Panasonic MAK1 work in tandem to give you both massages as well as stretching movements. Unlike other massage chairs that focus solely on kneading and squeezing massages, the MAK1 and its designers recognize the health benefits of stretching the muscles too – decompression, improved circulation, and increased relaxation. This is why the MAK1 delivers an impressive suite of stretching movements. These movements can stretch muscles in the neck, pelvis, chest, leg, lower back, and now, the core.


It offers different types of massages

The Panasonic MAK1’s Real Pro Ultra mechanism delivers plenty of options when it comes to massages. Not only can you customize its speed and intensity, but you can also choose between different types of massages - Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Tapping, and Rolling. You can also save your preferred settings too – up to 3 users or profiles can be saved for easier access.


It comes with a user-friendly tablet remote

Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair Remote Control

To top it off, the MAK1 is equipped with a large tablet remote mounted onto its armrest. This user-friendly tablet provides users access to the chair’s advanced features and capabilities with a simple touch – simple and intuitive.


In summary, with the Panasonic MAK1 massage chair, you get top-of-the-life features and technology; highly customizable, responsive, precise, and therapy-level kind of massages; a variety of compression and stretching; full-body pampering; and the backup and support of a world-known leading tech company. What else are you waiting for? Take the MAK1 for a spin and see for yourself why this premium massage chair should be at the top of your list.


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