High Precision Luxury Massage: Panasonic MAJ7 vs OHCO M.8

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Not all massage chairs are created equal. The quality of massage therapy you receive will vary depending on which chair you use.That said, the next best thing to a massage by an actual masseuse is a high precision luxury massage from a high-quality massage chair. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can get it from either the Panasonic MAJ7 or the OHCO M.8 (a.k.a DreamWave M8) massage chair.



Both of these chairs were expertly designed to signify beauty and opulence. However, that's not where the luxurious experience ends. One thing that both of these chairs have in common is that they were engineered by Japanese massage experts using the most advanced precision technology that promises a massage experience like no other.


What exactly are these technological features? Allow us to list down the major features that make for their premium quality massage.




Along with six preset and six manual programs plus airbag massage, the MAJ7 also comes with these premium features.


Body Scanning

How does the chair know precisely where to massage you? That's all thanks to its body scanning technology. It uses pressure sensors to create a virtual map of your back. It then lets the massage rollers know exactly where to go.


Unique 3D Massage System

The MAJ7 makes use of 3D massage rollers that can reach and soothe every square inch of your back. What's even more soothing is that the rollers have heating elements too. This provides point-specific heat similar to what you would feel from the caring hands of a masseuse. This helps relax sore and tense muscles even more.


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Want the benefits of acupressure such as alleviating chronic pain, relieving stress and tension, and relaxing muscles and joints? You can get those from this chair too. The MAJ7 makes use of a variety of techniques, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue kneading, and Shiatsu, to target acupoints in your body.


Real Pro Ultra Mechanism

Do you know what is at the heart of this chair's performance, though? It's the ability to adjust massage movements and pressure to provide a customized massage for each user. This responsiveness is due to its Real Pro Ultra mechanism that feeds information to the MAJ7's Position and Force Micro Processor. That’s high precision massage at its finest.




The OHCO M.8 features 14 pre-set sessions, eight manual sessions, zero gravity, and heat therapy, among others. However, it also has other features that are unique to the chair.



The M.8 can provide you with the benefits of both an S- and an L-track with its propriety MaxTrack system. This mechanism allows the chair to position in different ways, including lying flat, inversion, and zero gravity. That's not the only benefit, though. It can also stretch your hips and massage underneath your legs too.



More proprietary technology, anyone? The M.8 can also mimic the hand movements of a masseuse, giving you a more intuitive and lifelike massage. That is due to its Sens8™ 4D engine.


Knead and Stretch Headrest

Sometimes a good neck massage can make all the difference, doesn't it? The thing is that not all massage chairs can provide a neck massage. However, M.8 can. It can restore your neck mobility not only via air-driven neck stretching but also through the rollers that provide a kneading massage to the back of your neck.


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Rear Swing Doors

Do you know what else is unique about this chair? The ease of access.
With its left and right rear swing doors, you can move in and out of the chair easily. Getting in and out of a massage chair has never been so easy before. You won't find this feature anywhere else because it's the first and only of its kind.


Environmental Features

As if all those massage features aren’t enough, OHCO also included some add-ons to enhance the massage therapy experience further. For instance, you can enjoy more lucid air and mind each time you breathe because the chair has a built in air ionization capability on the headrest that removes dust, spores, dander, and other irritants. You can also choose to breathe in different scents that will help you relax even more. The headrest has a built-in diffuser wherein you can drop some of your favorite essential oils.


Great Add on Features

Are you looking for more ways to elevate the chair massage? How about music and light? Not only can you play your favorite tunes by connecting your devices to the chair via Bluetooth, but you can also enjoy a soft glow of light illuminating your path from the chair's M-Sense Light Pool.



There's no doubt that both the EP- MAJ7 and M8 chairs scream luxury at its best. Now all you need to do is choose the best one for you. Reach out to us so we can help you decide or if you want a FREE consultation. Just use the contact details below and we're excited to hear from you!


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