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May 12, 2019

DreamWave M.8 Limited Edition Massage Chair: The Seat of Power

DreamWave M.8 Limited Edition Massage Chair: The Seat of Power


Have you found the best massage chair yet? If you haven’t, then you are just in luck.

Just this year 2019, DreamWave brings you a massaging chair that embodies the powerful combination of cutting-edge design and function. Another contender in the ideal massage chair arena, the DreamWave M.8 Limited Edition (M.8 LE) is part of the brand’s M-series. In fact, you may recognize this massage chair from a model that is closely similar in name (and features): the DreamWave M.8.

But what sets these two apart?

DreamWave M.8 LE: A premium and rare find

Buy 1 DreamWabe M8 Limited Edition Massage Chair, Rosso Nero ColorFor one, DreamWave’s M.8 LE model is a deluxe version of the M.8. Priced at $15,000, this ultimate shiatsu massage chair clearly spells out opulence and ranks high in the collector’s checklist as there are only very few units manufactured with the M.8 LE caliber. Imagine being one of the very few owners of a next-generation massage chair. Having first and virtually exclusive dibs on a visually refined piece of massage chair technology. That sounds quite awesome, doesn’t it?

And that’s not all.

Superior design and quality

Just like DreamWave’s M.8 model, the M.8 LE owes its conception to none other than one of the world’s top industrial designers: Ken Okuyama. Built with genuine leather and ultra-suede (a popular choice for automobile upholstery), the M.8 LE has a sleek and stunning design. You will literally feel the luxury once your body comes into contact with the M.8 LE’s insane interiors.

No wonder it is hailed as the Ferrari of massage chairs.

Here’s the coolest part.

Not only do you get to enjoy Ken Okuyama’s world-renowned masterpiece in a unique Rosso Nero color, but you also get to take pride in its numbered and signed certificate of authenticity. Now, if you’re an automobile aficionado, real relax massage chair fanatic (or both), then you know that getting a signed and special edition model is a one of kind and amazing deal.

But we’re just getting started.

Incomparable intuitive massage

Do you want to know why the DreamWave M.8 LE is in the running for the best massage chair in the market? It’s because it is jam-packed with outstanding features.

Let’s start off with its unique Maxtrack and DeltaWave proprietary technology. The Maxtrack is the massage chair’s framework. DreamWave designed the M.8 LE along with the M.8 model (and other units in the M-series) to match your body contour. So, every time you use this massage chair, you get a precise and finely targeted massage.

Similarly, the DreamWave M8LE can bring you an ultimate shiatsu massage chair experience. Powered by the DeltaWave technology, this massage chair replicates expertly choreographed shiatsu moves. And the genius behind these soothing and intuitive movements? The renowned shiatsu master sensei Okabayashi.

Just imagine getting a relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage every single time. It starts with a gentle neck pain relief and neck mobility, with its air-driven neck stretching and muscle-kneading mechanical rollers. Then it moves all throughout your back and down to your calves, where TheraElliptical calf kneading and compression soothes your lower limbs. And if that’s not enough, you also get to enjoy a full air body massage from the M.8 LE’s multiple air cells, Zero gravity functionality, as well as built-in zones for heat therapy.

Still want more proof?

Excellent ease of access

How about a massage chair that lets you sit and rise with so much ease?

With its rear-swinging doors, the DreamWave M.8 LE offers you effortless entry and exit. Either side of the chair opens and welcomes you in every massage session. And if you have back pains or you’re in your senior years, you will definitely appreciate this feature even more.

If that sounds good to you, wait until you hear the rest of its added features.

Extraordinary add-ons

Who doesn’t like extra features?

With the DreamWave M.8 LE, you get more than just massage chair with massage-related features. This top of the line model also includes an air ionizer located in its headrest so you can inhale cleaner air as you relax. Similarly, if you want to add some aromatherapy to the mix, all you need to do is to activate its built-in diffuser by dropping your favorite essential oil blend.

Now, if you’re into chromotherapy, you’ll feel even more at ease and relaxed with the M.8 LE’s M-Sense Light pool. This feature involves warm LED lighting and built-in sensors, giving the unit a soft and warm glow.

See full details of DreamWave M.8 Limited Edition Massage Chair

Finally, immerse yourself in your favorite tunes while you enjoy a full body massage experience. All you have to do is to connect your device with the unit’s Bluetooth-enabled speakers, to start that relaxing rhythm.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the powerful perks of a limited edition treasure now. Claim your rightful seat like how the characters playing the Game of Thrones want it so badly!

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