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December 4, 2019

D.Core Cloud Massage Chair: Beautiful From The Inside Out

D.Core Cloud Massage Chair: Beautiful From The Inside Out

Buy 1 D.Core Cloud Massage Chair, BlackFunctionality is one of the most important characteristics we look for when we are looking to buy a massage chair. After all, what's the chair for if not to give us a relaxing and satisfying chair massage, right? Is that all though? Is it even possible to find a massage chair that is not only functional but beautiful too?

Why, yes. You can find the perfect combination of beauty and function in the D.Core Cloud Massage Chair. In fact, this chair is beautiful from the inside out. Let us tell you why.

Beautiful on the Outside

D.Core combined the experience of well-known therapist Dr. Izawa with innovative engineering and harmonious Japanese design to create the Cloud. Certain aspects of the traditional Japanese sense of beauty is actually obvious on the chair, such as:

Natural Materials

The Japanese believe that ultimate beauty is found in nature. That is why you will see the use of natural materials in Japanese homes. The Cloud is an obvious example of this as it is made of beautiful, real black walnut wood.


The Japanese value simplicity and minimalism. In fact, for them simplicity is considered a form of luxury. They believe though that true simplicity is achieved only by paying attention to the details and making sure that they are unseen. The Cloud stays true to this principle. How? Well, it was designed to have harmoniously clean lines which makes the chair look simple in construction but is actually highly sophisticated and luxurious.

Modular Design

Japanese people are used to living in small places and tiny homes because land is a premium in Japan. This means that they've had to learn how to create multifunctional areas and furniture to maximize the use of smaller space. It is no surprise then the D-core Cloud is also built to fit small spaces.

It only requires 5 inches of space behind the chair. The chair actually shifts forward as it reclines which maximizes your floor space. What else? The Cloud isn’t just a massage chair. It blends so beautifully in any modern home that it can be used as a regular seating space too.

Beautiful on the Inside

There is no doubt that the Cloud by D.Core is such a beautiful massage chair. However, what is beauty without function? What hides beneath the chair’s beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful engineering. The Cloud boasts of the following features that help provide you with an excellent real relax massage chair experience.

Shiatsu Chair Massage

If you are looking to experience a Japanese shiatsu massage, there is no reason to look further than the Cloud. D.Core uses a patented True Shiatsu Action feature that simulates the caring hands of a real masseuse. The remarkably life-like massage replicates finger movements that alleviates discomfort and pain to increase mobility and enhance overall wellness.

Automatic Programs

automatic programsIn the spirit of true simplicity, the D.Core Cloud massage chair makes it easy for you to just jump in the chair and start a massage right away with its 9 automatic programs. No need to fiddle with many different controls. Just choose from any of these: Quick, Restore, Recovery, Circulation, Morning, Night, Neck and Shoulders, Lower Back, and Air Focus.

L-Track System

The massage track allows its 3D massage rollers to travel down your back. With this D.core massage chair though, the rollers don't just stop at your back. It's L-track system is 35.4" long which allows the rollers to travel from your neck all the way down to your glutes and hamstrings. Afraid that you are too tall to be accommodated by the Cloud massaging chair? Don’t worry. It can accommodate users ranging from 5’ to 6’4” in height.

Zero Gravity

xero gravity massage chairLightness or weightlessness is another aspect of Japanese design. While this can be achieved through the use of materials, it is also achieved in the Cloud through its Zero Gravity function. This puts you in a position where your knees are brought above your chest with the complete weight of your back virtually supported by the backrest. This optimizes blood flow and maximizes the intensity of the massage.

Air Massage

The Cloud doesn't just massage your back. It massages your shoulders, arms, calves, and legs too via the 40 air cells strategically placed throughout the chair.

Foot Rollers

Staying true to the Japanese concept of multi-functionality, the Cloud does not leave your feet behind. It can also replicate finger and thumb reflexology through 2 pieces of foot rollers that attend to pressure points on your feet, which are connect to various vital parts of your body. These rollers provide a much stronger massage compared to air bags which is especially great if you spend a lot of time standing or walking.

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If you are looking for a truly beautiful chair massage experience, there is clearly no better choice than D-core's Cloud. Contact us now if you still need more information or have any questions about this chair, placing an order or need to consult an expert.

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