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OHCO R.6 4D SL-Track Massage Chair with Zero Gravity, Foot Rollers, Air Massage

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• SL-Track?
• Foot Rollers?
• DeltaWave
• Air Massage?
• Zero Gravity Recline?
• Mid-Century Modern Design
• Wall Hugging?
• Multi-Language Remote Control
• Back Auto Scan?
• Unparalleled Design
• Chromotherapy?
• Shiatsu Master Designed Massage


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 OHCO R6 Massage Chair


Introducing the R.6



Mid-Century Modern Design

The R.6 was imagined as a Mid-Century Modern statement. With its premium wood grain trim, it is designed to integrate perfectly in any well-appointed living space.



The R.6’s L-Track conforms to the shape of your body, allowing the massage mechanism to reach all the way from your neck down to your gluteus muscles without missing a single spot in-between.




At the core of the R.6 lies the technology to transform your entire state of being. Our proprietary DeltaWave engine is designed to deliver an intuitive and lifelike massage. In addition to basic movements—tapping, kneading, rolling—the DeltaWave 4D engine uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the hands of a massage therapist. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra slow movements. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds add variation to movements and patterns; deepening the human qualities of the R.6. 



Foot Rollers

Find sweet, soothing relief for tired feet. These carefully choreographed two-way rollers gently work pressure points on the soles of your feet.


Wall Hugging

Find the perfect location for your OHCO chair. With only a 6.25” (16cm) gap requirement between the upright backrest position and a wall, you can create a tranquil space just about anywhere within your office or home.


Heated Massage

The R.6’s heating units in the back, seat and feet soothe and loosen stiff muscles, preparing them to get the most out of their massage.


Multi-Language Remote Control

Adjust and monitor your massage with ease using the handheld remote. The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes setting up your session simple and can be selected in multiple languages. After you learn basic functions, the raised-button layout allows you to tactilely navigate basic functions without needing to look at your remote.  Included Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simple and Traditional), Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Russian and French.


Zero Gravity Recline

The R.6’s zero gravity recline cradles your body, distributing your weight perfectly for maximum comfort while improving circulation, increasing lung capacity and gently decompressing the lumbar spine.

OHCO R.6 Massage Chair


Full Body Air Massage Coverage 

The chair is equipped with thoughtfully placed air cells.  Used all at once, the massage provided will relieve your  feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, arms, hands, and shoulders,  melting away muscle soreness and fatigue.


Back AutoScan 

An automatic back scan personalizes the massage  to your body and guides the programmed massage  sessions to focus on the shiatsu points of your neck, back,  and seat.



After selecting a massage the remote enters into a color  therapy session. The gradual transition between soothing  colors helps deepen your massage experience


Unparalleled Design 

Conceived by world-renowned designer Ken Okuyama,  the R.6 is the perfect blend of beauty and precision with  unrivaled comfort and function.


Automatic Recline 

Automatically sets the chair recline when the massage  commences. Users can also manually adjust recline to  a comfortable position. The seat back can be reclined  between 123° and 157° from the floor. The angle of  the leg rest can be adjusted 90° according to  your preference.


Shiatsu Master Designed Massage 

R.6 massage choreography has been designed in  consultation with Japanese shiatsu master,  Okabayashi sensei.


Link Massage 

The simple and intuitive remote design allows users to  easily link two massage sessions together. When two  massage sessions are linked, total massage time can  be extended to 35-40 minutes.



Recommended Height Range 5'1"-6'4"
Recommended Weight Limit
Roller Track Type
Roller Type
Preset Sessions
12 Sessions
Manual Sessions 7 sessions plus foot rollers                                   
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes
Manual Programs Yes
Remote Control
Multi-language Remote Control
Calf Massage
Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage
Arm Massage
Neck Massage
Back Scan
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H")
62.5"L x 33"W x 47"H
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H")
73.75"L x 33"W x 38.25"H
Chair Weight
3 Year Limited
Country of Manufacture

Free Shipping

Free shipping Shipping is free for all orders within the continental 48 states!
  • Orders are typically delivered within 8 to 15 business days (or about 20 business days for white glove setup). Please understand that delivery companies are backed up due to covid.
  • You'll receive a phone call 1-2 days prior so you can schedule a convenient day/time. You don’t have to worry about them showing up unannounced.

Do I need White Glove Setup (also known as indoor setup & assembly) or can I do it myself?

  • The chairs are easy to assemble. It only takes about 20 minutes. The only reason assembly is required is because most chairs ship with the arms detached to make it narrower, lighter and easier to move into your home.
  • The assembly is basically just screwing the arms to the chair. It includes easy to follow instructions and does not require special tools or skills.
  • If you want them to setup the chair inside your home, you can select the option for “White Glove Setup”. We don't recommend it for most people it because it's an easy way to save yourself the money. But we're happy to add it to your order if you'd like.

Canadian customers

  • Yes, we ship many massage chairs to Canada. Total turnaround time is typically about 2 and a half weeks. We make it easy by handling all of the importing paperwork. We also pay for the customs brokerage and filing fees.
  • GST (usually 4.9%) and duties if levied, would be billed to the customer. Duties have never been levied on massage chairs we’ve shipped to Canada.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Massage Chair 3 years Warranty

For residential use, this item includes a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the parts and in home labor service.

A qualified technician would be sent to your home to provide service if you ever need it. You never have to ship the chair for service.

For the full warranty text, please click here



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