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Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair

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The Inada Sogno™, the World's Best Massage Chair®, has been designed to enhance natural healing and wellness through the healing power of shiatsu massage. Inada massage chairs combine shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering ingenuity to create the closest facsimile to a professional massage therapist. The result is a massage chair experience that optimally enhances health and well-being while reducing stress.

The Sogno delivers full-body massage, proven to help maximize relief, and remove tension and stiffness. Beginning with a body scan to match the massage to your own individual needs, the Sogno offers optimal enhancement of natural healing and wellness though expertly guided stimulation of pressure points. Moreover, the Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair maximizes relaxation by covering more area than any other chair on the market – 1,200 square inches.

The Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is meticulously designed and built to provide greater happiness, health and productivity. It's all part of what makes Inada the World's Best Massage Chair.


The Inada Sogno massage chair blends Japanese engineering innovation with age-old shiatsu massage techniques. As the manufacturer of The World's Best Massage Chair, Inada dedicates more resources to R&D than any other massage chair company in the world.

Through our proprietary R&D process, Inada has pioneered almost all of the massage chair industry's advancements, including more than 20 groundbreaking massage chair innovations.

Inada massage chairs blend Eastern medical knowledge with modern technology, ensuring a balance of therapeutic benefits and ultimate stress relief and relaxation.
The movements and choreography of each Inada massage chair are based on the actual movements of a shiatsu master and duplicated by a robot designed by engineers in Inada's R&D department.

Inada massage chairs have an unparalleled ability to “know the body.” Each massage session starts with a body scan to match the massage to the user.


As the undisputed worldwide leader in massage chair technology, Inada has single-handedly contributed almost all the groundbreaking technologies to the massage chair industry. Moreover, Inada has done more research into massage, and won more awards from the industry, than any other massage chair brand in the world.

Every Inada massage chair uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to scan the body of a user, detect specific pressure points, and provide a customized shiatsu massage for one of 106 body types.

Inada massage chairs incorporate a proprietary technology that combines scanners, rollers and air compression systems. In fact, the proprietary Inada Sogno technology was eight years in the making.

In 2010, two of Inada's new-to-market products were recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association for their engineering innovations: the Doctor's Choice massage chair and the CUBE stowable massage chair.

In 2009, the Inada Sogno massage chair was recognized for this same prestigious honor.


The award-winning Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair was designed by Toshiyuki Kita, who was recognized as a 2009 Pinnacle Award finalist by the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD). Kita's work with the Sogno has redefined the massage chair by blending ancient eastern therapy with modern visual appeal. His world-renowned furniture designs have earned a permanent place in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Pinakothek der Modarne in Munich.

Key Features of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Designed to enhance natural healing and wellness through the power of shiatsu massage, this luxurious massage chair maximizes relaxation by covering more area than any other massage chair on the market – 1,200 square inches.


The Inada Sogno™ massage chair offers the broadest massage coverage available – over 1,200 square inches. Using state-of-the-art technology, the scans the user's body to detect specific pressure points and provides a customized shiatsu-based massage for one of 106 body types. The Sogno's movements mimic the back mobilization movements used by physical therapists and chiropractors. The Sogno features eight shiatsu-based massage sessions including “Morning,” “Night,” “Stretch,” and “Sogno,” with gentle, undulating figure-eight motion for complete relaxation. A proprietary youth session offers a more gentle massage for both younger and older users or those struggling with more acute back pain. Sognos's stretch session provides extension, flexion and gentle rotational stretching for shoulders, mid-back and hips. Users can also customize massages for their own individual needs. The Sogno features a full-arm massage utilizing 20 air cells to massage the forearm, hands and upper arms. It is the only massage chair to provide runners with Iliotibial Band massage for hips and thighs, applying gentle or firm therapeutic pressure to relieve tightness of these large muscles. Sogno's neck and shoulder massage unit deeply massages the tops of the shoulders and back of the neck and delivers gentle neck traction.


Inada Dreamwave foot massage Chair

Sogno compresses and massages the user's calves in much the same way as a human massage therapist through expertly guided stimulation of pressure points. Inflatable air cells and an accordion-style feature allow users of almost any height to receive a professional-quality massage.


Inada Sogno Massage Chair Remote

Sogno's remote is easy to use, and easy to find! Tethered to the chair with a convenient cable, the remote snuggles into a side pocket when not in use. Intuitive control buttons allow users to select the right massage from eight pre-programmed sessions, or to customize their own massage.


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Inada Sogno
Inada DreamWave  
Model Number                     HCP-11001A HCP-10001A1  
# Pre-Programmed Sessions   8 16 More than any other massage chair!
Deep Relaxation Sessions  No  Yes Focuses on long, smooth massage strokes to help you attain deep relaxation.
Consecutive Session Capability No Yes More flexibility and personalization. Allows user to select up to two back-to-back sessions.
Approximate Max Time / Session 15 min  30 min This is a result of the ability for users to build consecutive sessions.
Auto-Recline at Session Start No Yes More convenient and automatically places the user in the ideal starting session.
Auto Recline HOLD Function No Yes Hold Recline or Largest for 2 seconds and release.
Interrupted Massage Auto-Restore No Yes Press POWER in the middle of a session and the DreamWave will return to the upright position.
Forearm Air Cell Design and Movements Old Gen 360-degree Coverage More advanced and complex movements!
Backlit Remote Buttons When Powered On No Yes Easy to use in a dimly lit room.
Extra Bicep Padding No Yes More versatile! A potential comfort issue for petite users has been corrected.
Seat Heat Gentle Warming Only Yes Real heat now available! Independently controlled heat in the back AND seat!
Back Heat No Yes Real heat now available! Independently controlled heat in the back AND seat!
Improved Air Pump Sound Insulation No Yes Quiet just got better! DreamWave is a Much quieter chair!
Increased Maximum Air Pressure No Yes Capable of greater massage intensity.
Manual Mode Instant Start-Up No Yes Chair immediately enters manual massage without a scan. Significantly more convenient.
Deep Shiatsu Sole Massage Inserts No Yes Better than rollers! Deep accupressre massage.
Remote Readout Scroll Speed Slow Medium Improves readability.
Chair Base Color Light Tan Dark Grey  
Smart Phone Pocket No Yes Think about it: simple, completely reliable, and it keeps Inada focused on massage quality.
Leather Colors Black Black  
Footrest Vanity Plate Slipping  Weak Point Redesigned and Fixed A minor nuisance corrected.
Footrest Vanity Side Mold Improved  - Yes Complete redesign for 100% reliability.
Improved Shipping Strap No Yes Clearly indicates that it must be removed for use.
A Name All Can Pronounce No Yes Inada Sogno Deamwave is now the new Inada Dreamwave
Self Diagnosis Readouts in English No Yes Improves speed and accuracy of technical support.
Upholstery Trim Pieces Black or Beige Matched to Chair Color Better aesthetics. Cleaner experience.
Child Safety Lock Yes No A non-critical feature removed.
Standard Colors  Dark Brown, Black, Cream, Red  
In Home Warranty Period 3 Years 3 Years  




Recommended Height Range 5’0” to 6’5”
Recommended Weight Limit
Roller Type
Back Stroke Length
Roller Track Type
Roller Width Adjustment
Roller Glute Massage
Pre-Programmed Massage Choices
Roller Speed Adjustment
Roller Intensity Adjustment
Removable Back Pad
Body Scan Technology
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Inversion Therapy
Auto Programs 8 Programs
Stretch Program Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes
Massage Techniques 15 Types
Manual Programs Yes
Spot/Partial Massage
Memory Setting
Air Cell Construction
Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon Bellows
Total Airbags
Air Massage
Arm, Calf, Foot, Hip and Thigh, Neck, Seat, Upper Arm and Shoulder
Airbag Intensity Adjustments
Ottoman Length Adjustment
Hideaway Ottoman
Timer Setting
15 Minutes
MP3 Player
Remote Type
Button Style Remote
Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Upright (L" x W" x H")
54.7"L x 36.5"W x 47.6"H
Dimensions Recline (L" x W" x H")
82.7"L x 38.2"W x 29.9"H
Child Safety Features
Recline obstruction sensor, breakaway power cord
Max Recline Angle
120V AC / 50-60Hz / 170 Watts
Product Weight
265 lbs. (Net) / 323 lbs. (Gross in Box)
Country of Manufacture

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Do I need Indoor Setup (also known as white glove service) or can I do it myself?

- The chairs are easy to assemble.  It only takes about 20 minutes.  The only reason assembly is required is because most chairs ship with the arms detached to make it narrower, lighter and easier to move into your home.

- The assembly is basically just screwing the arms to the chair.  It includes easy to follow instructions and does not require special tools or skills.

- If you want them to setup the chair inside your home, you can select the option for “Indoor Setup & Assembly”.  We don't recommend it for most people it because it's an easy way to save yourself the money.  But we're happy to add it to your order if you'd like.



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- GST (usually 4.9%) and duties if levied, would be billed to the customer.  Duties have never been levied on massage chairs we’ve shipped to Canada.


Massage Chair 3 years Warranty

For residential use, this item includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the parts and in home labor service.

A qualified technician would be sent to your home to provide service if you ever need it. You never have to ship the chair for service.

For the full warranty text, please click here


Reviews & Ratings

First Class Product / First Class Support Review by Wellesley Ma
This is likley the first and only review I will write. I feel compelled to do this because there has been, in my recent memory, no product that I have purchased that has so completely met with (and exceeded) my expectations. We have had our chair for about 4 months now. I purchased in part becasue of the helpful reviews I read. I hope that my experience offers some guidance to other shoppers.

The product itself is amazing. I remember a salesman trying to explain to me and my wife what it would do, how it would make us feel, etc., and we pretty much felt that this was just a pitch. Not so. It is very hard to describe what this product can do, but I now know that none of the other chairs we tried could possibly measure up to it.

In case it's not 100% clear, we are two very very happy consumers. We spent more than we wanted to spend, felt a little wreckless at the time, but now feel vindicated. Take the plunge. You'll be glad you did. (Posted on 3/6/2018)
Another happy purchaserReview by Hal Owen
Like others in or on this review section,I happily place myself among the more than satisfied. True $9,000 is a lot of money for anyone I know to spend on a chair that comes in two very large boxes, (resulting in enough cardboard and packing material to fill a small dumpster,) weighs well over 300 lbs., requires strong backs to move and also requires some assembly. Having said all that, I wouldn't want it any other way. Obviously the Inada Massage Chair HCP-10001A is not your routine Amazon purchase to be delivered by the usual service, (USPS, UPS, FED-EX, other.) No, no this beauty requires a bit more planning and organization as most shippers will only offer what is sometimes called "threshold service" - that is one very large crate delivered to your home but only inside the front door or garage or whatever,) and that's it. As to the chair itself: I've only just begun to explore its many features so more about that later. In closing, after locating the unassembled chair in a favorite room, assembly is relatively quick and fool proof thanks to the easily understood assembly manual with the added bonus of an online video. More later. (Posted on 3/6/2018)
assembly is quick and simpleReview by ishida baigan
if you wish to save several hundreds dollars for opening the boxes and assemble,
do so. graphically illustrated assembly instruction is easy to follow, and does not
require any skill or tools, which comes with the chair.
two person needed to move, but for assembly one would do.

major task was to remove it out of well packed double boxes, which took me
about a half an hour, and assembly was another 30 minutes.

so far, major problem has been, it takes so much time enjoying it, rather than
doing something productive.

in d.c., if you wish to have a friend, have a dog.
but even dog sometimes misbehaves, but this robot is very faithful, all the time.
if you try to duplicate the work, it would require at least four human masseuse simultaneously.
for that, it worth millions. (Posted on 3/1/2018)
ooOHHH heaven on earthReview by Annie Joseph
Who wouldn't love this chair? It's amazing. We don't really use any of the manual buttons - waste too much time. We figured that we already love the preset 'Night' function the most with the Air Pressure on HIGH. It's got the perfect combination of kneading, rolling, tapping, squeezing, pushing or whatever else. I'm fairly short (5'0) but if I lay back all the way, the leg part would pull up for my soles to rest my feet flat. The 'Youth' function also does the same thing but I discovered it's not strong enough for me. But my 14-yr-old is also using it from time to time. . Every time I sit in it, I fall into that short but sweet, hazy dozing off-type of feeling where my body feels all tingly. It's definitely a plus to use right before bed. I think the arms, legs and neck massages feels the best - even the feet! The back could use more of something but now I'm just pushing it. (Posted on 3/1/2018)
Amazing ChairReview by B
This thing is amazing. It is a little underwhelming at first with the basic programs. BUT.. Once you flip open the lower panel on the remote and start trying out the different massage functions and patterns, you start seeing where this chair REALLY delivers.

It is in no way a direct replacement for a strong deep tissue massage at a spa, given by a good masseuse. You just cannot get that kind of centered pressure from a chair. The people who say it gives a weak massage must not have tried adjusting the roller height with the remote. It will give you a firm enough massage to put you within pain threshold. You feel the massage rollers and get squeezing and pressures in multiple places at once. The stretch function does stretch your torso similarly as a Chinese massage. You can isolate where you want the chair to work on at the click of a button. A masseuse does things this chair cannot do, but similarly this chair does things a masseuse cannot do. I walked away feeling just as relaxed. On average I would say this chair does just as well as the top 75% of human massages I've had.

I found very few differences. The arm fit and overall arm massage is slightly better on the newer unit. For skinny people like me, it feels like it was made to accommodate a slightly wider torso with bigger arms, so the bicep massage pressure isn't quite as intense. The forearm airbag on the newer unit is perfect; where this one doesn't quite hit the entire area.

The air pumps on this one seem slightly louder and slower.

New model has more heat, but not much of an issue with me.

The rest of the features of the newer model are unimportant to me, but if you want the details they can be found on the Inada website.

I strongly suggest to anyone who is interested in this unit to go try a floor model at a local retailer. Do not just go through the preset massages. Open the lower panel on the remote and play with the different roller sequences and 3-D pressures, air pressures, vibrations, roller adjustments, ect. Manual mode is where this thing truly shines. It will find that sweet spot and work on the knots with a few button presses. Also, try it with and without the removable back pad installed. You will know pretty quick if this is something you enjoy using and if it is worth the investment.

I've only been through a few sessions so far. I will write more after I have some more experience with the unit. Each time I use it, I figure out more features and enjoy it even more. My wife absolutely loves it as well. (Posted on 2/19/2018)
Craig Jonas 11/29/16Review by Truly Special Massage Chair
This chair is life-changing. For me, it is better than a human massage as you control where you want it to go (and you can keep adding time). The shiatsu points seem to find the right spots. The "morning" setting is my favorite. I am 6'5" (240) and the chair fits me well. Worth the investment. (Posted on 2/28/2017)

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