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January 2, 2020

While Away the Time with the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair

While Away the Time with the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair

Have you ever wanted to just plop yourself down on a comfy chair, relax, clear your mind, and just forget about the world for a moment? Wouldn’t that be nice if only you can do it in the comfort of your own home? Yes? Well, lucky you. Here’s something that can help you do just that – the OHCO M.DX massage chair.

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With the M.DX, you can sit and immerse yourself in a chair massage so luxurious that you forget about time altogether. It’s so relaxing that you’d want to stay in the chair forever. How is that possible? It's all thanks to its world-renowned designer, Ken Okuyama, and choreographer and Shiatsu master, sensei Okabayashi, who lent their talents to the creation of this masterpiece. Okuyama's synergistic design coupled with top-of-the-line Japanese technology resulted into a massage chair that epitomizes beauty within and without.

At the same time, OHCO engineers under Okabayashi's direction were able to recreate the symphony of movements typical of a shiatsu massage. This enables the chair to free up your body's healing power to rejuvenate both your mind and body and bring your whole person back into harmony.

Standard Features of the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair:

The M.DX has the same standard features that come in their M line of massage chairs. They are as follows:

DeltaWave Technology

This chair can provide basic massage movements such as tapping, kneading, rolling, and combinations of those. However, it also has this amazing 4D technology that was created to mimic the movement of the expert hands of a masseuse. It can even manage the speed, range, and other complexities of human hands. Now that's a real relax massage chair!


The OHCO M.DX as an ultra-long 49" track that, combined with the DeltaWave engine, makes for a very flexible chair that can execute massages seamlessly even in the zero gravity or lay flat position.

Full-Body Air Massage Coverage

Don't rely on just the rollers though. Make good use of the full body air massage too from the air cells thoughtfully placed in the chair to target your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders.

Arm of Embrace

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That's not all there is to the air massage though. The chair has an Arm of Embrace design has 12 independently controlled air cells that can give you 479,000,000 possible massage combinations. How's that for a customized massage therapy experience?

Foot Rollers

A chair massage would not be complete without foot rollers to pamper your feet. The MDX massaging chair has them and they’re choreographed to go two ways.

Total Body Heat

Like the feeling of "hot rocks" style massage on your paraspinal muscles? You can get that on your feet, palms, back, and seat from the heated rollers that you can control independently.

Zero Gravity and Lay Flat Recline

OHCO M.DX Massage Chair Zero Gravity Reclines

Our comfort level in terms of the chair's recline position varies from person to person. It's a good thing then that this chair has an infinite number of recline positions including Zero Gravity and Lay Flat. That’s comfort to the highest level!

Theraelliptical Calf Kneading

Don't you just hate it when a massage chair can't massage your calves the way a masseuse would? You won't need to worry about that with the OHCO MDX because it can grasp and knead the sides of your calves while the calf rollers work on the rear.

Wall Hugging

Short on space? Don't fret. There's only a 6.25" gap requirement between the wall and the chair's upright backrest position.

Rear Swing Doors

Even getting in and out of the chair is easier with the M.DX. Just go through either the left or the right door. You don't have to struggle getting into it like other chairs out there.

OHCO M.DX Massage chair

Bluetooth Audio Immersion

Relaxing music and sounds playing in the background, anyone? You can listen to them by connecting your phone or other smart devices to the chair via Bluetooth.

Multi-Language Remote Control

No need to fuss with complicated or confusing remote controls. Its functions can be controlled with a simple and intuitive remote. Plus, it's multi-lingual too so your international friends too can conveniently use it!

Difference between the M.DX and the M.8 Massage Chairs:

You might have heard of the OHCO M.8 model (also known as DreamWave M.8) though. If you’re wondering what the difference is between that and the M.DX, you should know that both of them possess the same standard features. The difference is that the M.8 has additional features such as USB power ports for charging your devices, an aromatherapy port for your favorite essential oils, and an air ionizer and white noise generator that helps not just clear the air but also clear your mind too.

See full details of DreamWave M.8 massage chair

These additional features make for a slightly steeper price. However, if you can do without these extras, you can be sure that the OHCO M.DX model is more than capable of giving you a highly relaxing and luxurious chair massage enough to make you forget the time.

Get an M.DX now in either walnut or midnight color and fill your living room with a multi-functional chair. Contact us now at 888-612-8862 to inquire and place an order.

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