Positive Posture Brio vs Brio+ vs Brio Sport | Their Differences and Commonalities

Positive Posture Brio vs Brio+ vs Brio Sport | Their Differences and Commonalities

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Positive Posture manufacturers three Brio models which we're sure you've already heard about. There is the Brio (original version), Brio+ (the upgraded version) and then the Brio Sport (the best model of them). In this article, we'll go over the reasons why you may want to upgrade or the reasons why you may not need to upgrade from one chair to the other.


The Original Brio

The original Brio model (now phased out) offers some of the most important features and benefits that is commons within all three models and can also be found in most massage chairs nowadays.


L-track - also known as long track, which basically means that the roller that goes up and down your back to massage it will keep going down past your lower back to massage your glutes. It also has the capability to go a little bit further to massage the top of your hamstring muscles, basically the muscle on the back of your thigh.


4D Massage - it means that the rollers that go up and down your back, can move in every different direction. They go up and down from side to side to push out to provide more intense pressure on the massage of your back muscles, or they can retract backwards to lessen the intensity to make it more gentle. The fourth dimension of 4D is the speed and the rhythm of the massage movement can go slower at times or can speed up. So, with one stroke of the massage movement, it will feel more natural, more like a human masseur's as opposed to a more robotic massage that only goes at one constant speed 4D.

And then, of course, there are other very, very basic, very fundamental and important massage features like:

  • Zero Gravity
  • Foot rollers
  • full body air compression massage
  • Lower back heat therapy (including the feet)
  • 10 automatic programs


These are the easiest way to enjoy a full body massage, you basically sit down in the chair, you choose a program. Some of course are designed to kind of wake you up to get your muscles loose and ready to start your day. And then others are designed to kind of wind down or to help get you relaxed and ready for bed.


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In addition to those automatic programs you could choose a manual massage. To manually massage is when you want to target a specific area, and you want to customize it with a specific speed of the massage a certain intensity so that can be customized using the manual mode. It is designed to offer a more relaxing experience. The massage intensity is not overly strong or intense. It's designed for people that want a more relaxing and gentle massage experience.


So, that is a basic overview of the 1st generation Brio massage chair. It's a very high quality chair, one of the very best chairs that provides all of these benefits in its price range.


The Better Version Brio+

Due to the success of the Brio, a new model called the Brio+ massage chair was released. Perhaps the biggest improvement in the Brio plus, is that it is now capable of a much wider range of intensity than the original Brio. In other words, it is capable of much stronger massage while still capable of doing the gentler, more serene massage experience like the original Brio would offer you.


A wider range of intensity setting

This is very important especially for households where there is more than one user. Oftentimes, one person will want a more soothing experience. And then other times, other users will want a much stronger massage intensity. This can also apply even just to one person where sometimes you just want a massage that can really get in deep into the muscle. And then other times, you might want to dial back the intensity to provide something more relaxing. That's the new capability that the Brio+ offers you.


Now, how does the Brio plus actually implement this type of capability? Well, it uses larger rollers that go up and down your back along with the programming of the movements - also known as massage choreography. The way that the rollers actually designed to move has also been customized to best make use of those large rollers. Ultimately, the result is it provides a much more satisfying massage perfect for those who prefer a deep tissue massage.

Another improvement on the Brio+ is that the calf and foot massage is much better at fitting larger bodies. For users that are taller, have more broad shoulders and wider body, the calf and foot massage would be a much better fit with the Brio+. Whereas on the original Brio, it was a little bit tight. For some users, when the airbags for the calf and foot massage would compress, it's a little bit too intense if you are a little bit bigger and taller.


Overall, the calf and foot massage is redesigned to better accommodate a larger variety of people. Even if you are a not necessarily a bigger and taller person, that's fine because the calf and foot massage is more dynamic - it is adjustable to any body frame. In other words, whether you're kind of a smaller person or medium or bigger, the Brio+ is designed to better accommodate all sorts of bodies.

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The Brio+ also incorporates a USB charging port so you can conveniently charge your phone while you're on the chair. Some folks like to sit back and check their emails or listen to some music while while they're getting a massage. If you're like most people nowadays who can't be separated from our phones for a few minutes without feeling some kind of anxiety, the built-in USB port can help keep your phone with you.


Then there is some improved aesthetics to the Brio+. On the back pad, there's a new diamond pattern. So, the look of the chair is newer and improved. And then perhaps most importantly, the overall engineering and product reliability is also improved. So this basically means that the chair is designed to last you a lot longer. So it uses improved engineering so that the chair is more durable and reliable.


And then last, and certainly not least is the Brio Sport. This is we've saved the best for last. The Brio Sport is definitely quite far and away the best model in the Brio series...


The Best Model Of Them All - Brio Sport

Why is it called the sport? This is the only brio chair with massage choreography (the way, the timing and the direction of the movements) and programs that are specifically designed for those who live an active lifestyle. So if you're someone who enjoys taking walks or golfing or any sport, the Brio Sport would be a chair that's really designed specifically for someone like you.



What does this mean? It's designed to focus on three aspects of fitness - warm up, cooldown and recovery. Let's talk a little bit about each of these.


Warm Up

The massage for warm up is designed to loosen your muscles to get them ready for physical activity. It gets circulation, it gets blood flow going towards your limbs away from your core. It's sort of a massage chair version of a pre-workout calisthenics.The goal really is to make sure that your body is not tight so you would be less injury-prone.


Cool Down

It's designed to get you back to your optimal resting heart rate better and faster. As for the circulation, it does quite the opposite. The movements of the airbags and the rollers is designed to draw the blood more back towards your core. It's the opposite of warm up.



This is a very important aspect of fitness as it keeps your body less injury-prone and in good shape. So what does recovery do? It is like maintenance for your body. Recovery massages will manipulate the muscle to stimulate what they call myofascial release. So it basically releases tension from your muscles. It also will help to improve circulatory function not only of your blood circulation, but also of your lymphatic system. It uses compression massage - the airbags compress & hold and then release.

Stretch benefits

There's also a very nuanced stretch and twist functionality incorporated in the recovery programs. There airbags located in the hips area and shoulders are inflates on one side and then deflated on the other side. For example, the chair can reposition your hips and your shoulders in a certain position and holds it. While it's holding you there, the rollers on the back will continue to provide with a massage, and then it will switch your position.


Manual massage

The chair will offer you about 500 different combinations of manual massage so that everybody can find a setting that feels just right for you, based on how you're feeling at that particular time. Y ou can customize different attributes such as the:


  • style of movement
  • intensity of the massage
  • width of the rollers
  • speed of the roller action
  • body position that you're in


Massage Intensity

One of the best benefits of the Brio sport over the other models is that the massage intensity is capable of being much more intense and also much more precise. The way it does it is it uses a completely different mechanism. Typically on a 3D massage system, the roller is pushed outward into your back. So how does that get pushed out? There's an airbag that inflates to push the roller into your back. But because it's an airbag, it's a little bit soft still. Whereas on the Brio Sport, it uses what they call a mechanical 3D. So there's less softness to the roller and when it wants to push out, it pushes out firmly.

Positive Posture Brio Sport

Deep Tissue Massage

For those who want a deep tissue massage, this would be really the best, and most satisfying way to get one. The rollers can provide a much more precise intensity as well.


Design and Build

The last advantage of the Brio Sport over both the Brio+ and the original Brio is that it's just designed from the ground up to be more reliable and to be more durable over time. That's why the Brio Sport is used in gyms and in commercial locations, because that's specifically what it's designed for. So if you want a chair that's reliable and can be capable of both very strong massage or more gentle massage, and a chair that is designed with fitness & active lifestyle in mind, the Brio Sport would be the clear choice and the best of the three Brio models.



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