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May 23, 2018

Clash of the Massage Chair Leaders: Panasonic MA73 vs Inada DreamWave

Clash of the Massage Chair Leaders: Panasonic MA73 vs Inada DreamWave

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After a hard day’s work, finding time to relax and feel refreshed within the comforts of your own home is a rewarding luxury that massage chairs can truly provide. Nothing says good investment than a machine that can mimic a human's caring hands capable of easing tired muscles and rejuvenating the entire body. With so many choices in the market, choosing which home massage chair to buy may be a challenging task.

To help you in finding the best of the best electric massager, we have narrowed down the choice for you as we offer a comparison of two of our massage chair leaders: the Inada DreamWave and the Panasonic MA73.

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro ULTRA™ Massage Chair with Body Scan TechnologyInada DreamWave Massage Chair

Common Ground: Similarities Between the Panasonic MA73 and the Inada DreamWave

Aside from both massage chairs being top of the line of their generation, the Inada DreamWave and Panasonic MA73’s playing field are leveled off with these similar features:

japanese engineering• They both take pride in Japanese technology. Both massage chairs are designed and engineered using the latest Japanese technology. The Inada DreamWave is a product of years of research, innovation, and excellent manufacturing quality from Inada, a trusted name in the massage chair industry. On the other hand, Panasonic MA73 hails from the camp of one of Japan’s widely-recognized electronic giant.

Therapeutic massage• They both offer the benefits of a full-body massage. Powered by inflatable airbags, S-track supported rollers, and a complete body scan technology, both the Inada DreamWave and the Panasonic MA73 are capable of soothing and providing relief from the base of your neck, to the entire width of your shoulders and upper back, extending to your arms and fingertips, radiating around your pelvic and lower back areas, and, finally, reaching all the way down to your thighs, calves, and until the soles of your feet.

3 year warranty massage chair• They are both covered by a convenient warranty. With a three-year warranty on parts and in-home labor repair service, both these massage chairs not only offer comfort but also a reliable and hassle-free customer service.

Battleground: Differences between the Panasonic MA73 and the Inada DreamWave

Competing head-to-head for the top spot entails having distinct and attractive features that can stand out from every angle. Both the Inada DreamWave and the Panasonic MA73 are up for the challenge as their set of differences come under the spotlight:

• Diversely-applied technology. While both are products of Japanese innovation, the forms and application of each massage chair technology have their own merits and distinction. First, the Inada DreamWave’s 3D rollers have a broad and gentle feel, much like elbows pressing against the back. On the other hand, the MA73 uses the patented Panasonic’s RealPro Ultra 3D mechanism comparable to knuckles massaging with deep and intense pressure.

DreamWave Technology vs Panasonic RealPro Ultra 3D

While the Inada DreamWave makes use of Shiatsu point locators in its thorough body scan, the Panasonic MA73 is aided by precise Acupoints that tailor holistic massage styles to each body type.

Lastly, Panasonic MA73 has moving heated rollers traversing the S-track path in the body and ceramic heaters for the feet, while the Inada DreamWave has a localized and constant heating technology coming from heating pads located at the lower back portion and on the base of its seat.

• Massage variant and execution. The full and simultaneous body stretch provided by the Inada DreamWave is a great way for decompressing and subsequently removing pressure from tired spines. On the other hand, the Panasonic MA73’s regional focus and sequential approach give a more targeted feel for every stretch session.

Traditional air compression technology is employed by the 36 airbags located all throughout the Panasonic MA73 massage chair, whereas 100 air cells in the Inada DreamWave are known for their patented undulating figure-8 motion (Dreamwave technology).

For the neck and trapezius muscle massage, inflatable air cells of the Inada DreamWave’s headpiece base creates a neck traction via compression massage that reaches and provides relief all the way down to each trapezius muscle on both sides of the back. Meanwhile, the same areas are addressed by the Panasonic MA73 through fine, shiatsu massage rollers that move from the mid-back all the way up to the neck.

DreamWave’s 100 air cells vs MA73’s 36 inflatable airbags

Hand and forearm massage differ in both massage chairs as well. While there are more air cells in this region of the Inada DreamWave, the Panasonic MA73’s limited air cells are said to provide a more extensive massage in the area.

Finally, in terms of lower back massage, the Inada DreamWave has the patented Dreamwave tech where inflatable air cells move side to side to provide relief from lower back pain. It also boasts of its Iliotibial band massage for runners with ligament injury. For the Panasonic MA73, its inflatable airbags use compression for its lower back and buttocks massage.

• Build and design. The Inada DreamWave’s structure is larger and caters well to taller people, but if you are going for a more space savvy addition to your home furniture, the more compact Panasonic MA73 is right for you.

DreamWave’s larger sturcture vs MA73’s more compact design

Also, take note that the Inada DreamWave is an award-winning massage chair with aesthetics designed by renowned furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita, but the functionally-elegant Panasonic MA73 puts up a fight with its synthetic leather massage chair that can double as a regular recliner, thanks to its rotating ottoman.

The Verdict

The award-winning Inada DreamWave is definitely a reigning royalty with its superb features. Purchasing what is dubbed as the “World’s Best Massage Chair” is a good catch for $8999. But the Panasonic MA73 has features proving its worth as a very convincing contender, and for a price lower by a thousand dollars, it is definitely a good buy.

Ready for the royal treatment? Get your ideal massage chair today! You can also get any of these two home massage chairs with easy monthly payments.