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May 31, 2019

Bodywork Therapy: Your Alternative to Healing Naturally

Don’t you just hate it when your day gets ruined just because you have bodily aches and pains that won’t go away? Let's face it. You've probably had those inconvenient moments when you suffer from stiff and painful shoulders and you can’t go on with your day. Or times when your movements get limited by constant lower back pain. And then there may also be occasions when you get sore calves and legs from all that walking...

May 20, 2019

8 Different Types of Massage

Ever walked into a spa and booked a massage session only to find yourself having to coach your therapist on how to massage shoulders? How about getting a foot massage spa only to feel like you should have opted for a different massage session?If these scenarios sound familiar to you (or if you simply want to avoid them), consider reading up on this list of different types of massage so you can assess which one best suits your needs.

March 22, 2019

TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-2100 Massage Chair: Your Private Massage Therapist

A lot of people often think of going to the spa when they want to experience a relaxing, soothing, and satisfying massage. That’s fine if you have the time and the budget to do so. However, for some of us, a trip to the spa can be inconvenient and time-consuming because there’s not one nearby. For others, it can also be too expensive. How do we relieve ourselves from pain and stress then? Thankfully, with a massage chair like the TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-2100, we can feel like we have our own private massage therapist healing service.

March 19, 2019

TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-500 Massage Chair: 9 Ways It Will Rock Your Home

In the massage chair industry, there are so many brands and types of massage chairs to choose from. The myriad of choices can be sometimes overwhelming especially if you're not quite sure what it is that would benefit you most. There are those that consist of all the bells and whistles that promise to provide you with the ultimate massage experience. However, some of us just want an affordable, no-frills massage chair that still gets the job done. That's exactly what the TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-500 is all about.

March 14, 2019

TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-750 Massage Chair: Instant Shiatsu Like Never Before

Shiatsu, which means "finger pressure", is a well-known Japanese massage technique that typically involves applying pressure to the skin using fingers, thumbs, and palms. It may also use techniques such as holding, stretching, joint manipulation, and mobilization. The aim is to correct internal malfunctions, treat diseases, and promote good health. These days though, you don't need an expert shiatsu masseuse to experience these benefits because shiatsu is now present in massage chairs such as the TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-750.

June 6, 2018

TruMedic Massage Chair Top Pick: MC-3000 or MC-2000?

Massage chairs, such as those offered by truMedic, offer the latest in massage therapy and TENS (electrotherapy) technology, which provide safe and effective forms of pain management and stress relief. truMedic offers a few different models of massage chairs, including the MC-3000 and the MC-2000. Both models can help convert any space into your own personal relaxation room, allowing you to unwind after a long day with a truly relaxing full body massage.

To help you decide between the two, read on to learn the points to consider.