8 Reasons the Panasonic EP-MAJ7 Offers You the Most Advanced Massage Benefits

8 Reasons the Panasonic EP-MAJ7 Offers You the Most Advanced Massage Benefits

Here are eight reasons why the Panasonic MAJ7 offers you the most advanced massage chair benefits. This is a great massage chair for someone who enjoys a more intense, stronger and deeper tissue massage. Panasonic calls it luxurious pain. So if you're the type of person who really wants a strong massage where the rollers get deep into those muscles to relieve the tension, then you should definitely consider the MAJ7.


1. Panasonic has decades of experience in innovating massage chairs.

They've been in this business since 1969 and have sold almost 4 million massage chairs.To this day, they continue to innovate and push the envelope forward with the latest advancements in massage chair benefits.


2. The massage is finely tuned to your body size, shape and even the tension in your muscles.

Have you ever gotten a really great massage from a masseuse? Can you imagine getting a massage that hits every point just right and applies just the right amount of pressure? The MAJ7 is equipped to do just that for you. Many chairs have about 90 sensor points that are scanned in your body. The MAJ7 scans a total of 540 points on each side of your back, that’s a total of 1080 points scanned, and then adjusts the massage so that it's customized to your body. For example, the massage area is adjusted according to the position of your shoulders, or the middle of your back.


Additionally the MAJ7 uses a unique pressure sensor that measures the tension in your muscles dozens of times every second so that it can pull back or press harder based on your preferences. This results to the massage rollers hitting every point just right and then applying the right amount of pressure.


3. The MAJ7 is excellent for your neck, your upper shoulder and trapezius muscles, lower back and feet.

These are among the most requested areas that people want a massage for. The MAJ7 will also massage the upper arms, the hands, hips, thighs and calves as well.


For now let's focus on the shoulder and trapezius muscle. The MAJ7 is perhaps the best massage chair for this important area; the rollers protrude up to 4.9 inches to apply a really deep tissue massage for this area. The rollers hit the neck muscles as well as the shoulder trapezius muscle. And for your lower back, the MAJ7 does an excellent job using a combination of both air cells and rollers massage.



4. The MAJ7 provides a deep tissue massage for your glutes and hips muscles using an advanced combination of rollers and airbags.

Again, the 3D massage is applied to this important area allowing the rollers to protrude about 4.9 inches to apply deep tissue massage to your glutes muscles. And for your hip muscles, the airbags lift up your body to stimulate the hips while rollers continue to massage.


5. The MAJ7 offers you some of the best stretch massages available anywhere.


There's the pelvis stretch and the core stretch, for example. Both of these use an advanced maneuver of airbags and rollers to manipulate your body offering a stretch of your lower back muscles, your pelvis muscles, as well as your core muscles. For those of you that love stretch massages like most of our customers, you'll really love these two modes.


6. Heated rollers.


Heated rollers offer a dual benefit because the rollers apply heat therapy to the exact spot that its also applying pressure to. This combines for dual benefit. The heat improves the circulation in your blood and loosens the muscle and then the massage motion relaxes your muscle. So the two effects work hand in hand for a maximum massage benefit. In other words the muscle gets relaxed by the heat therefore the massage rollers can really get in deep to apply more massage benefit.


7. The MAJ7 gives a really satisfying foot massage that mimics the motion of a professional masseuse.


When doing a foot massage, a typical masseuse will keep his hands wrapped around the sole of your foot and then use both thumbs to alternate massage pressure on the sole of your feet. The MAJ7 very closely mimics this experience using airbags to wrap around and hold your foot firmly in place while pressing continuously with a massage using protrusion rollers. In addition, the MAJ7 offers a variety of foot massage styles from kneading the sole to a rhythm massage to massaging the entire sole of your feet, and even a Shiatsu sole massage.


8. The MAJ7 offers customizable options so everyone finds the settings that they love.

There are nine automatic programs that are very, very easy to use. The MAJ7 massage chair takes you through a pre-programmed set of massage movements with a press of a single button on the remote. For example, there is a Swedish massage mode which is more gentle and there is a deep mode which is of more moderate intensity. And for those who really like a strong deep tissue massage, there’s the the Shiatsu button. There are also five other modes -- stretch, neck and shoulders, upper back, lower back and hip and core. It's pretty self explanatory -- essentially with the press of a button, each of those programs will provide you with a massage experience that targets that specific area. And then for those who want a quick massage in the morning before heading out for the day, or if you just want a quick session, just press the quick button and that offers you a 10 minute quick deep tissue massage.


In addition to these nine automatic programs, there is a variety of massage styles for each part of your body so you can apply an ultra kneading movement. There's the Shiatsu type of movement, which is a deeper tissue massage. There's a kneading motion, Swedish massage and rolling massage so you can easily address between different movement styles to find a setting that feels best for you. And in addition to that, the airbag intensity for each area can also be addressed. So for the shoulders, arms, pelvis and legs, you can easily adjust the intensity of the airbags so that it applies the right amount of pressure for you.



So these are the eight reasons why the Panasonic MAJ7 offers some of the most advanced massage chair benefits in the market today. For a limited time, we're including free indoor setup and assembly service, also known as white glove delivery. That means we bring it into your home and set up the chair, assemble it and do everything for you. Normally this is a $450 additional option but if you're ordering soon, we are including that as a free promotion.


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