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December 24, 2019

4 Reasons to Make the OHCO R.6 Your Next Massage Chair Purchase

4 Reasons to Make the OHCO R.6 Your Next Massage Chair Purchase

Buy 1 OHCO R.6 Massage, MochaIf you're looking for a new massage chair to purchase this new year, you should look into the OHCO R.6. Why?

First of all, the R.6 was created by OHCO, a company that envisions to help you maximize your health, improve your well-being, and reduce your stress by creating massage chairs that provide the healing power of Shiatsu. They are known for creating masterpieces with an uncompromising attention to detail combined with years of research and testing.

If the brand name is not enough reason to convince you though, here are four more reasons why the OHCO R.6 should be your next massage chair purchase.

1. Unparalleled Synergistic Design

Like all the OHCO massage chairs, the design of the R.6 was conceived by world-renowned designer Ken Okuyama, who also designed the most exclusive Ferrari ever been sold. He designed the OHCO massaging chairs to resemble the interiors of the Shinkansen bullet trains. The result is a timeless and synergistic design that evokes speed, stillness, and sophistication.

Just simply looking at the chair already makes you want to sink in it and relax. The R.6 specifically has a mid-century modern design that has premium wood grain trim, which would look great in any space

2. Shiatsu Master Designed Massage

Some massage chairs are designed just by engineers but the OHCO R6 is different. It was designed in consultation with renowned Japanese shiatsu master sensei Okabayashi, who has the knack for discerning his clients’ emotions with just a single, simple touch.

With Okabayashi's help, the OHCO engineers were able to design their chairs to imitate the intricate movements of the caring hands of a masseuse in order to bring your body back into harmony. Indeed, having a chair massage in the R6 is just like putting yourself in the hands of a master.

3. Intentional Japanese Engineering

The R.6, like all other OHCO massage chairs, was engineered in Japan where the standard of excellence is but just a starting point. The Japanese are known for their tireless search for excellence and profound attention to detail. Their continuous search for perfection is what drives them to create products like the R.6 that provide you with ultimate relaxation.

4. Exceptional Features

The 4D massage chair comes packed with features that all help to provide you with a satisfying massage therapy experience. Here are some:

  • DeltaWave - The OHCO R.6 massage chair has basic massaging movements covered. They include movements such as tapping, rolling, kneading massage, and their combinations. So, is there anything unique about it? Yes! It makes use of the DeltaWave mechanism that enables the chair to mimic the feel of human hands down to their speed, range, and other nuances.
  • L-Track - The chair has a flexible L-track design that follows the curve of your back. It can seamlessly execute massages in the zero gravity and lay flat posture. Worried that you’re too tall to enjoy a massage? No need to worry. It has an ultra-long L-track measuring 49” inches so it can definitely accommodate taller people.
  • Air Massage - It also has air cells placed throughout the chair to give you a full body air massage coverage that blows away muscle soreness and fatigue on your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, shoulders, hands, and arms.
  • Heated Massage - For increased relaxation and comfort, you can turn on the heat from three independently controlled heat zones on the feet, back, and seat areas. Heat helps soothe and loosen stiff muscles which then helps your body be better prepared for the massage.
  • Zero Gravity - This position provides you with maximum comfort by cradling your body and distributing your weight. Nothing screams relaxation better than the feeling of weightlessness. However, this is just one of the infinite recline positions available in the chair. Choose whatever position you want. Now that’s a customized chair massage for you!
  • Foot Rollers - If what you’re after is a comprehensive chair massage, make sure that your massage chair has foot rollers. The soles of our feet have pressure points that target specific parts of our body. Therefore, they shouldn’t be ignored. Good thing the R.6 has two-way rollers that are carefully choreographed to provide relief for those sweet spots.
  • Wall Hugging - You can create a space for relaxation just about anywhere because the R.6 only requires 6.25" of space from the wall to its upright backrest position.
  • Multi-Language Remote Control - You know what can kill a relaxing massage? Having to fuss with a remote control. Luckily, the R.6 has a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-read interface that allows you to easily adjust and monitor your massage. There are even different language selections to choose from!

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Are you convinced now that the OHCO R.6 is the best massage chair for you? All you need to do now is choose between the black or mocha color. If you want to know more about this chair and how you can get it at the best price, do contact us immediately using the details below so we can assist you.

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