2 Reasons Why You Can Recover Faster with the Brio Sport Massage Chair

2 Reasons Why You Can Recover Faster with the Brio Sport Massage Chair

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If you're an athlete or even just someone who cares about health and fitness, you would know that a fitness regimen would not be complete with just exercise alone. You would need a recovery program as well in order to maintain your physical health and achieve your fitness goals more quickly.


Did you know that massage can help with that? Yes, it can! Massage therapy provides you not only with physiological benefits but with psychological benefits as well which are essential for a total conditioning program. It can help you recover from your workouts faster plus relieve you of conditions that may cause injury.


What if you don't have the time or resources to go to a sports massage clinic?

Don't worry. You can still experience all the benefits of a sports massage at the comfort of your own home with the Brio Sport Massage Chair by Positive Posture. You might be wondering though why it has to be the Brio Sport specifically and not just any massage chair. Here are two reasons why.


It was specially designed for recovery and stress relief.



The Positive Posture Brio Sport is not like any other massage chair. It's actually the first and only one designed with recovery in mind. We all know that exercise is essential and that it can provide us with many benefits. However, there's always a risk of minor injuries or wear-and-tear happening naturally whenever strenuous movements are involved.


In this case, a recovery program that will help you maintain physical health and maximize your body's performance is needed to complete your fitness regimen. The Brio Sport can help you achieve these through the following features:


1. Sport 4D Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism

You can experience the benefits of a deep tissue sports massage using the chair's unique Sport 4D intelligent massage mechanism.
What's so great about it? It has the ability to customize the depth of the kneading, tapping, rolling, and pressing movements that it can perform. Whether you prefer a light relaxing massage or an intense session, the chair can not only accelerate the rehydration of your muscle tissue but also release your trigger points too.


2. Recovery Session

The Brio Sport 4D massaging chair has 8 programmed sessions to choose from, one of which is the Recovery session. Athletes typically use certain key muscles in their workouts and these are what this massage session will focus on. The goals are to speed up muscle recovery, reduce post-exertion soreness, and flush out waste by-products created during workouts.


3. Compression Therapy

The Brio Sport verision can be reclined into a True Zero Gravity position that alleviates pressure on your joints and spine. It also provides air massage on your shoulders, arms, hands, calves, thighs, and IT bands. This combination provides you with a full body compression therapy that helps reduce intramuscular swelling, facilitates lymphatic drainage, and improves circulation. Relaxation at its best!


4. Heated Rollers

You can also enjoy a "hot rocks" style pinpoint heat through the massage rollers. It feels like you're actually experiencing a massage from actual human hands.







5. Specialized Pre- and Post-Workout Sessions

Need to prepare your body for exercise? Choose the Warm Up mode which consists of gentle massage movements and stretching. Done with your workout? Click on the Cool Down mode, which is designed to decrease swelling, relieve stiff muscles, and clear away toxins.


6. Focused Sessions

The chair has 4 focused sessions that help you get attention where you need it most. They include neck and shoulders, low back, glutes, and IT band.



The Brio Sport provides you with a total conditioning program to help maximize your body’s performance.


Aside from the above, the Brio Sport also has the following features that were designed to give you a truly comprehensive chair massage experience.


L-Track Design - Its 47-inch massage track allows for wider coverage for your back.

Accupressure Point Locator - The chair can scan your back prior to the massage, locate your accupressure points, and customize the massage movements to them.

Foot Rollers - They can roll, rub, and squeeze your sore feet.

Pinpoint Calf Massage - Rear and side massage units can expertly massage your calves. It’s so relaxing not only for your calves but for your whole body too.

Heat - It has heating units under the seat and calves.

Automatic Reclining Function - You can recline the seat back up to 16 degrees and adjust the foot rest up to 80 degrees.

Chromotherapy - Fitness is not all physical. A conditioning program will not be complete if it doesn’t help your psychological state too. A clear state of mind is essential in achieving your goals and that's what the soothing colors emitted from the chair's remote will provide you.



Positive Posture Brio Sport


Clearly, the Brio (Sport edition) Massage Chair is the ideal massage chair for the athletic and the very active people alike. If you want to recover faster and do more of life, this chair is the best one for you. Get in touch with us now and let's discuss how you can get this chair easily and no hassle. We offer free shipping, 0% financing, easy returns policy and more benefits. See our contact details below.


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